Saturday, March 31, 2007

All by Myself

Here I am yesterday.
Eating my dinner.
Sort of.
And here I am with Daddy a few weeks ago.

Bath Time Fun

David just had his 9 month birthday. He is changing everyday but some things stay the same. He still loves his bath! He also hasn't gained much weight in the last 2 months... just a few ounces, he is now 20 lbs! But the nurse said he is doing great.
Mommy bought David some grape scented bubbles... yum!
Bubble hat and he had a bubble goatee which was so cute but I didn't catch it.
One of David's ducks. He is starting a collection. I think he has 9 now.

More Basketball Pics

Saturday, March 24, 2007

Toronto Raptor

Thank you Auntie Janet for my first basketball uniform!

Sunday, March 18, 2007

We're Home!

Water Baby

I love my Ducks!

Cool Dude in his new Sunglasses...
Water Fall

Jonathan's Big Splash


Walking with Jenn and Bronson to the Turtle Pond on March 12th when we went to visit them in Pasedena.

Bronson and David reunited after 6 months. Looking forward to our next play date.

March 11th

Spent my 24th Birthday in Palm Springs. Had a nice day in the sun and then went out for dinner and pie.
David and I with Karen (aka Mom/Grammy)
Rob (aka Dad/Grandpa Rob)

The Pool

The Wave
The Three of Us
Mama and Me
Dada and Me

David's First Plane Ride

Above we have Jon and David in the Air Port just before we get on the plane to leave for Palm Springs on March 8th. Besides first plane ride David had some other firsts while we were away. Tooth number five and number 6 poked through, he had his fist time in a walker (and he can really move!) and he learned how to wave hello and good bye and now spends a good portion of his day practising... it's very cute!
On the plane ride to and from David did very well! We were so proud of him. He also entertained those around us which was cute... on the way there charming everyone with his smile and his big brown eyes and on the way back waving to everyone (showing off his newest ability.)

Wednesday, March 7, 2007

8 months old

These pictures were taken close to David's 8 month birthday which would have technically been February 29th... here is is on the 27th. His overalls are still a bit big but his shoes hold them up. Still crawling and pulling himself up on furniture his newest accomplishment was just moments ago when he managed after several attempts to get Muttsie's dog food into his mouth. Chewing and swallowing dog or cat food still remains unconquered but he will continue his quest im sure!

Sunday, March 4, 2007