Saturday, May 24, 2014

Adam and Eve and Peanuts

This morning in the van on the way to David's soccer game Angeline asks
"Mommy why am I allergic to dust mites?"
(Me) "I don't know why but I am too."
(David) "Angeline... you want to know why people have allergies?... Adam sinned in the garden and that is why we have allergies. If Adam and Eve would have obeyed then he would still be alive and I could eat peanuts."

Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Introducing Pumpkin

For the most part our news is out but I was waiting to officially blog our new addition until after today's ultrasound so that I could include another picture of Pumpkin. The above picture was taken in April at 8 weeks, 2 days pregnant and the below picture was taken today at 12 weeks and 5 days pregnant! We are officially Due November 22, 2014 and as usual we are anticipating an early arrival by about 2 weeks which make's Pumpkins likely arrival sometime around November 8th. I wasn't able to get our scanner to cooperate so I had to take pictures of the pictures which doesn't make for the best quality but you kind of have to use your imagination a bit anyway. Regardless you can see how much Pumpkin has changed in the last 4 weeks. We have our next doctors appointment on Tuesday and we are looking forward to booking our 19-20 week ultrasound then. Which brings us to the big question... Should we find out Pumpkins gender at our next ultrasound OR leave it a surprise for his/her arrival in November?

Here is a picture of how we announced Pumpkin to some of our family members...

Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Monday, May 12, 2014

Tad Lake - May 2014

We recently spent a week at the family cabin at Tad Lake near 100 Mile House. It's still a bit cold in early May but the nice thing is there aren't many mosquitos yet (we saw the odd one but no bites). We had a great time and made lots of nice memories.
David had some big highlights this trip. We got him his first dirt bike (YAMAHA PW50) which he spent most of his time on! He also went fishing and caught his first fish, a rainbow trout.
The kids didn't want to come home and are already looking forward to our next rip.
I hope you enjoy these few pictures from our week.

21 Months

Rebekah is now 21 months old. Usually by this time the newest sibling has arrived. She IS going to be BIG SISTER to our new addition in November 2014. These pictures were taken during our week at Tad Lake. She loved spending time at the family cabin. She would have spent the entire time outside if she could have. "Outside" is one of her favourite words to say. She also says "downstairs" often... that is where we have our play room and where her siblings can usually be found. She is now saying small sentences... things like "I want juice." Her best friend is Samara and she LOVES following her around. They are often holding hands off on an adventure together. If Samara is climbing the rocks at the front of our house she has to do it too... same with the run bike etc. We love our Bekah... she is so much fun and adds lots of joy to our family.