Monday, May 30, 2011

David's 1st trip without us

Friday night I packed David's suitcase and began the preparations to send my first born off on his first trip without mommy or daddy. He's had sleep overs before including two nights at Nana & Papa's but I took him there and was staying with my Dad close by so this was harder for me. He was so excited, even called Grammy Friday night to see what time she would be coming to get him in the morning. Saturday morning he woke up and said "I'm going to Shuswap today." He did say he was going to miss me but was definitely looking forward to his time at the Lake.
Saturday morning while he was getting ready Angeline tried to pack her toothbrush with his. He told her "Your not coming Angie" and she said "I'm not coming?"... as they were pulling away she pouted and said that she wanted to go too.
Looking forward to seeing him later today and to hearing all about his adventures. He is going to be 5 at the end of June and it seems lately that he is becoming such a little grown up. The other day when Jonathan telling him not to do something he said "I was just teasing you Daddy." At Costco last week when we were in the refrigerated produce section he took off his vest and put it over Angeline because it was cold. He certainly knows how to look out for his sisters. He is my sweet little man.

Sunday Girls Day

Sunday was girls day... just the girls. David is on his way home today from spending the weekend at the lake and Daddy was working... is working today and will be home tomorrow. As much fun as it is having some girl time we are ready for our boys to come home. Wanted to share a few fun pictures from our day.

I am definitely missing my boys but one thing I haven't been missing over the weekend is SLEEP. I am happy to say that Samara has slept until 4:30am the last 2 nights. She NEVER goes that long without nursing so to have 2 nights in a row is a breakthrough. She is my best sleeper so far. Angeline has been doing a bit better at night too so hopefully that continues as well.

Saturday, May 28, 2011

May Days

 My Babies!

 Baby Chicks... no they're not ours but with the amount of eggs we've been going through it might be a good idea to get chickens!

 David watering his carrots... asked him to water them a few days later and he said "AGAIN!"... guess he thought they would grow themselves.
 Stunt Boy David... if I would have know he was scootering on the retaining wall I would have told him to put on his helmet!

5 going on 6 months

Samara's 5th month is nearing an end and I am overdue for an update. Near the end of her 4th month she began rolling over from back to front and has been on the move ever since. She now plays with toys, sits in her bumbo and exersaucer as well as jumps in her jolly jumper. We are thinking to start her on some rice cereal soon since she is becoming more and more interested in food. She often grabs my plate when I have her on my lap while I am eating. She absolutely loves her red ball. David and Angeline have been paying a lot more attention to her this last month and she adores them. We are anticipating the arrival of her first tooth... she is definately teething at the moment. Her schedule is a lot more defined... she usually has 2 big naps... morning and afternoon. Her favorite song is "Samara had a little lamb." We love her to bits.

Playoff Beard

 April 30
May 27

Tuesday, May 10, 2011