Tuesday, October 14, 2014

First Day of School

Last week Angeline had her first day of Kindergarten and David had his first day of Grade 3. We have a lot of new things going on with school this year. While we are continuing to Homeschool we have changed which school we Homeschool through and with that comes a number of changes because there are many differences in how they operate. We were formally homeschooling though RCOA which is a Private Christian School. We are now currently homeschooling with HomeQuest which is part of Delta School District. HomeQuest operates out of PineWood Elementary School in Delta. So far we are really happy we made the switch.
Currently Angeline and David attend class on Tuesdays with the option of attending twice a week. We have decided to attend once a week for now and will look at attending 2 full days a week when school starts up in January.
One of the advantages of HomeQuest that we are really excited about is that they offer many field trips. We all visited Hazelmere Pumpkin Patch on Friday and are looking forward to "Learn to Fish" near the end of October. There are 1-2 field trips each week so you can pick and choose which ones to participate in (for free). The above picture was taken at the Pumpkin Patch and the kids each brought home a different colour pumpkin. We are looking forward to tasting the blue, white and red pumpkins we brought home which are supposedly much tastier then the average orange pumpkin.
I was not sure what to expect having 2 students when the last 3 years it has been 1 on 1 but much to my surprise we have transitioned very well. We are looking forward to another great year of learning, family time, and many memories made.

Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Bekah is 2!

Rebekah is now 26 months so her 2 year update is overdue. The main reason for the delay is I have been hoping to capture some special pictures of her to celebrate this special milestone. She doesn't really like to pose for the camera at the moment and her two year birthday pictures are out since singing her "Happy Birthday" puts her in tears. I'd like to say that they are happy tears but the truth is she really doesn't like it. She broke out crying for her first birthday as well.
Regardless of whether or not I am able to capture the perfect posed picture I have in mind, her birthday has come and gone. She is transforming more and more every day into a little girl and the only thing really holding her back as a baby is her diapers. Jonathan and I are both finding it difficult that she is growing up so fast, I think this is particularly the case since she is our last baby girl. In another month or so she will be a big sister!
We love her so much... she gives the BEST cuddles and LOVES to make us laugh. She did promise Daddy that she would stay little forever but we know there is no stopping the inevitable. So we will catch snap shots when we can and cherish the moments as we attempt to enjoy the present without longing for the past or fretting about the future.