Friday, February 29, 2008

20 Months and 3 Weeks

It's not everyday (or every year for that matter) one gets to blog on February 29th and I couldn't miss the opportunity to wish my sons "happy birthdays!" David is 20 months today and Noah is 3 weeks. They both went to the doctor yesterday. David is over 25 lbs and Noah weighed 7lbs 3 oz. David braved 2 needles and Noah has grown 1/2 inch. We are loving every minute we spend with our boys, even when it means getting little sleep. Hope you like the new pictures of our two cutie pie's. We are so proud of our two little men.

Monday, February 25, 2008

To My Pregnant Pals

I am very excited to have quite a few women close to my heart currently experiencing their first pregnancies. Some close to my heart are experiencing second pregnancies too but this applies more for the first time moms-to-be. I have been thinking about a few things I realized after I became a mom which would be helpful to know before hand... things to consider anyway...

1. Buy a double stroller! If you are planning to have more then one baby and especially if you want your kids close together this is way more convenient. Don't get a wide on as the single ones are hard enough to shop with. They have really nice ones where you can turn the front seat either forward or facing the back. Even before baby number 2 arrives this will be helpful for getting together with other moms and if you do any babysitting! There are lots of good options that don't cost much more then a single stroller.

2. Don't get a hand held pump. Even if you are only planning to use it for a few evenings out electric pumps are worth the extra money! They are great for helping with engorgement when baby first arrives too... and getting your milk established. I now have a "medela" which everyone tells me is the best brand... it's the one Women's hospital uses so I would recommend that.

3. Neutral clothing is great! I wanted to have baby showers after David arrived so that I could have outfits specific to boy or girl but I was later thankful for the neutral stuff I received as it will be great if we have a girl at some point too. You will get lots of gender specific clothes as well. Jackets, snow suits and bedding are best kept neutral anyway.

4. This is more of a personal opinion and some moms may disagree but I found it was much nicer having a summer baby (and being pregnant in all the heat) then having a winter baby. After my pregnancy with David I was glad not to be delivering at the end of June second time around but I found it was more difficult being huge in the winter. In the summer you can wear flip flops and minimal clothing. In the winter you are stuck bundled up with shoes that are too tight and a jacket that no longer zips up!

5. Take advantage of the extra time you have before baby arrives (for those who don't work until full term) and freeze, freeze, freeze (extra meals that is). This time has been great having Jonathan's parents and sister around but with David it was very difficult to keep on top of everything and find things to eat (and time to cook)... plus your husband will still be hungry when he comes home from work and he will be tired too!

6. Breast feeding saves so much time! Not only is it the best option for you and your baby it makes life a lot easier. I am having to pump to give Noah breast milk because he isn't quite strong enough to breastfeed. With this comes the responsibility of washing and sterilizing bottles (and the added time of pumping). It was much easier to just stick David on the boob whenever he cried (especially during the middle of the night) then it is to deal with bottles.

7. Take lots of pregnancy pictures and if you are considering professional pictures do it with your first pregnancy before you have stretch marks.

Okay, this is getting long and I am running out of advise but I have just had it on my mind to share these bits of information and since I know so many pregnant mama's it is easier to blog my suggestions then to speak to everyone individually (plus I will forget). And this way I thought other mom's could leave comments with their suggestions and even let me know if they think what I have concluded will be helpful.

Enjoy this wonderful baby growing time!

Sunday, February 24, 2008

Friday, February 22, 2008

Happy 2 week Birthday Noah!

This morning when I woke up I sang "Happy Birthday" to Noah. We are so thankful to be celebrating 2 weeks. Noah is growing and his cry is getting louder, if I don't get his bottle fast enough in the middle of the night he wakes up David with his crying. One of our favorite things to do with Noah is just hold him and look at him. The great part is he looks back, maintains eye contact and really studies you. He is such a bundle of love.

Thursday, February 21, 2008

David's Hair Cut

David got his second hair cut today so I thought I should post some before and after pictures. He didn't cry this time but he did refuse to wear the cape. Later when he wouldn't stop wiggling the hairdresser had him sit on my lap. He took my cape off too so we both had hair all over our clothes.

Tuesday, February 19, 2008

I can dress Myself...

Here is our little climber enjoying the new shelves Papa made us before we hung them on the wall.
Happy Valentines Day! David enjoyed this rose from Auntie Lauren until there were petals all over the floor. He did let mommy have a smell before he destroyed it.
"Little Man of the House" is what David's latest shirt from Grammy says. So cute!
Yesteday David and Daddy played outside while Mommy naped with Noah. David wouldn't come in until Daddy agreed that the rock could come inside too.
Yesteday we had spaghetti... or spaghetti had us?
Here is the proof of my newest update. David is starting to dress himself. He has been putting on his own socks for about a week and yesterday he got his leg into his pj's and into Daddy's underwear which happened to be on the floor. Any clothes he finds he uses to practice and he gets very frustrated if it's not doing what he wants. Our little man is growing up.


Today we went to Children’s Hospital and met with Noah’s Pediatrician. Noah’s saturation level continues to be good, he is now back up to his birth weight, and his jaundice is almost gone. The pediatrician explained to us a bit more about Noah’s heart condition and how it might affect his lungs. All babies have a lot of pressure in their longs before they are born up until 4-6 weeks after birth. Since Noah has a hole in his heart when this pressure drops he will likely experience more symptoms. The oxygenated blood will mix more with the blood that has little oxygen and his lungs are likely get a build up of fluid. There are two different medicines we would consider giving Noah at this point to make him more comfortable as all of this makes breathing more difficult which in turn makes everything more difficult, including feeding. We are so glad that Noah is currently healthy and not experiencing any discomfort. We are very happy to be able to enjoy him and even the doctor said he can’t predict how long Noah will remain symptom-less but we wanted to share what is expected in only a few more weeks so that everyone is up to date. Please keep Noah in your prayers and us as well.

Sunday, February 17, 2008

Sweet Sweet Baby

Many of you have been letting us know how touched you were by Jane's slideshow of Noah and the song she chose. I thought I would post the lyrics, song by Michelle Featherstone. We are continuing to enjoy our sweet sweet baby and he is continuing to do well.

Sweet sweet baby I said maybe
Maybe you should stay with me
Sweet sweet baby I think maybe
Maybe you shouldn’t leave

Sweet sweet baby I go crazy
Crazy when I think of you
Sweet sweet baby I go crazy
If I can’t cuddle up to you

So baby, oh, baby
Please don’t go
Yeah, baby
Oh, sweet baby
Please don’t go

You’re the only one
You’re the only one
You’re the only one
For me

Sweet sweet baby Can you save me?
Save me from a night without you
Sweet sweet baby
Can this save me?
The way that I am going to save you

So baby, oh, baby
Please don’t go
Yeah baby
Oh, sweet baby

You’re the only one
You’re the only one
You’re the only one
For me

You’re the only one
Yeah, the only one
You’re the only one
For me

Michelle Featherstone

Friday, February 15, 2008

Happy 1 week Birthday Noah!

Noah is one week old today. I am finding that hard to believe. The time has gone by really fast, we are definately enjoying having him at home. Everyday he is eatting a little bit more, opening his eyes more and having more awake time. He even sucks his thumb once an a while. It is a joy having our newborn boy to hold. These pictures were taken by Jane aswell. If you havn't checked out the slideshow she made visit Sunday's post and do so... it is amazing.
Happy One Week Birthday Son. We love you so much!

Thursday, February 14, 2008

Noah's Heart

Yesterday we went to Children's Hospital to have some tests done on Noah's heart. Originally in our 21 week ultrasound they suspected that he had "Tetralogy of Fallot", this was confirmed yesterday. The good news is that though he has this congenital heart defect (common in Trisomy 13) it is not currently affecting his body. The case with this heart problem is that it tends to get worse as you get older but in a Trisomy 13 baby it is unlikely to be the cause of death. We were very happy to hear that Noah's heart (despite the diagnosis) is currently functioning well. We will pray that this will continue to be the case. At any rate the cardiologist does not predict that Noah will have any "blue spells" caused by this defect any time soon. He is prepared to see him again in a few months time should God bless us with a few more months. Noah continues to beat all the odds and we are just extremely happy that he is not in any pain and is not currently experiencing any symptoms or side effects associated with his diagnosis.

Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Labour of Love

I thought I would share a bit of my labour story for those I haven't had a chance to talk to. We were very thankful to have a natural delivery after having to have a c-section with David. I shared in earlier posts that I had a lot of false labour. Thursday night was no exception to that but little did I know it would turn into the real thing. I spent Friday morning wondering if it might be labour but mostly assuming that it was more false labour. After lunch I phoned the doctor to see what she thought and she said to give it some more time but that it probably was labour. I phoned Jonathan and he decided to come home from work a bit early. That ended up being good because by the time he got home the pain was much worse and I was starting to think we should go to the hospital. By the time Jon had a shower and we got a few things ready we were in a bit of a panic to get out the door. On the way to the hospital my contractions were only 2 minutes apart. We arrived at the hospital around 3pm and by the time we filled out the paper work and they got us a bed in assesment I was 8cm dialated and starting to feel a lot of pressure. They got me a room fairly quickly, checked my again and I had reached 10cm.
I started using some gas for the pain once I got to my room and was pushing in no time. My water still hadn't broken so after 30-60 minutes of pushing the doctor broke my water. As always that made the pain worse and I believe I said "give me drugs now" or something along those lines. They wanted to try without anything since Noah was almost born but I was so overwhelmed. They started an IV and gave me a small dose of fentenol which was just enough to get me to push more effectively. Before the fentenol I was fighting my body which was pushing on its own anyway. Once I realized Noah was almost here I was able to give a few good pushes and he was out in no time. Pushing took in total an hour and a half which isn't too bad for a first delivery. My throat was sore from screaming but everyone said I did great job. I am thankful that it went quicky and that we had a sucessful v-back. If anyone wants full details just ask but I thought I would write a blog friendly version. *smile*

Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Brotherly Love

Yesterday when I lay Noah down on our bed David showed his first real interest in his baby brother. He approached Noah on his own and just leaned over him and started talking away. As you can see from the photo Jonathan captured it was so cute! It has been a difficult adjustment for him not having mom and dad around and then having everyone paying attention to Noah but everyday we are noticing that David is more comfortable. We love our two little men and look forward to more moments of brotherly love.
Daddy and his boys before we left the hospital on Sunday.

Sunday, February 10, 2008

Welcoming Noah

Words cannot express the gratitude in our hearts for the memories captured in these pictures taken during Noah's first hours.

Thank you Jane for the amazing photographs, and the time and effort you put into them, as well as thanks to NILMDTS for making this possible.

The following is a post done to welcome Noah on Janes blog.

Click here for an unforgottable slideshow that Jane has created.,NoahJonathan/

Thank you all for your constant prayers, we will post more soon.

Friday, February 8, 2008

Our Miracle


"Given by God"

February 8th, 2008
weight: 6lbs,8oz
length: 20 inches
BC Women's Hospital, Vancouver

Monday, February 4, 2008

36 Weeks... Braxton Hicks

Yes, I am still pregnant! At our Doctor's apointment on Wednesday we found out that I am 2-3 cm dialated so all that false labouring hasn't been in vain. I was 3 cm dialated before my labour began with David too... it doesn't really give an indication that we will be going into labour soon but we are anticipating a February baby forsure. The more "painless" dialating I can do before labour begins the better.

Late last night I started having more cramping and back ach which I initialy assumed was more "false" or "pre-labour." It did intensify and was more painful then last Saturday (though still very easy to manage). Then I started having contractions which felt like the real thing and they were between 3-7 minutes apart. At this point I was very certain I must be in labour. But by 3am I was able to fall asleep and when I woke up the contractions had stoped. I am still feeling some back ach and more pressure then before which could mean that Noah's head has moved down. So the contractions I was having turned out to be "braxton hicks" though I honestly couldn't tell the difference.

We are really hoping not to go into labour this Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday as my friend Christina (who is a labour/delivery nurse at Women's Hospital) is planing to be with us for my labour and is away during these next 4 days. Regardless Noah will come when he is ready but lets just say I won't be going for any long walks, drinking rasberry leaf tea, taking castor oil, doing jumping jacks or anthing like that... I am even thinking about making Jonathan sleep on the couch until Saturday (*smile*). I am so glad that February is here! And we are very much excited for Noah's arrival. With every possible labour symptom I have I am anticipating the real thing.

I want to thank everyone again for your continued support and prayers. Special thanks to those who are continuing to pray for a miracle. We don't know what God has planned for Noah but we do know that anything is possible. We are prepared to say good-bye to our little boy (as prepared as any parent can possibly be to say good-bye to their beloved child) but until that moment arrives we will never give up hope. In the mean time we anticipate meeting him, holding him, hugging him and kissing him for how ever long God gives us.

Sunday, February 3, 2008

19 Months

Jonathan worked the early shift today so it was almost like having a day off. We took David into the back yard to play and as soon as he noticed daddy adding to his rock tower he wanted to help. He was trying very hard to pick up an enormous rock and bring it to Jon... so cute. In the end David got to add the final touch. We are so glad that Spring is on it's way and can't wait to enjoy the outdoors in some warmer weather.

David loves snow. He will watch it from the window in amazement and he occasionally gets to play in it too. We now have a proper pair of snow pants and water proof gloves for him so if it snows again he can play outside longer.
Last week David started falling asleep on his own for naps. This particular day Daddy was cleaning the bathroom and David wanted in. While he was waiting he fell asleep in the hallway. Since then he has put himself to bed a few times on our bed.
And he hasn't been getting much use out of his potty yet, except for play. When things settle down after Noah's birth we plan on working on potty training.
He now says 7 words... dad, mom, please, yes, what this? (and) go. He actually says a lot more then 7 words but these are the ones we can make out on a regular basis.