Saturday, May 31, 2008

Outdoor Adventures

A few more shots of David enjoying the outdoors. He loves to pick flowers and smell them. He sometimes helps me with the gardening and yesterday he decided to pull out some weeds all on his own (thankfully they were weeds).

Here are the two little love birds enjoying a romantic wagon ride yesterday.
And here is my goof-ball posing for the camera.

Friday, May 30, 2008

Spring Tea

On Thursday I went to the Spring Tea at our church. It was a nice chance to get out just the women and have a nice evening and some good food.
Jen, Carolyne, Myself, & Heidi S.

Saturday, May 24, 2008

I say Tomato...

I was so thankful for another summer day, they have been too few and far in between. David and I spent the morning outside. We planted the tomato plants grandma Unger gave us, we will have to wait to see if they give yellow or red tomato's (there was a bit of a mix up so it's a surprise)... I am just hoping they do well because I don't have much of a green thumb. After planting the tomato's and some flowers I did some more weeding while David played with his ducks. I like to garden while David plays. He can easily spend the whole day outside so it gives me something to do when he is being independent (which is most of the time). I did force David inside for an early nap today because he was up at 5am from a night terror and didn't go back to sleep. Gardening is supposed to be a good stress reliever and I do find it relaxing. Plus even though I am better at killing plants then making them grow it is working out because most of the gardening is just weeding. Once we put David to bed Jonathan and I washed the van and car. I can definitely say we had both a productive and fun summer day. Hope everyone else was able to enjoy the sun today. Jonathan has also been ridding his bike to and from work so he gets to enjoy the nice weather that was as well.

Saturday, May 17, 2008

Granville Island

Thanks Sabrina, Lindsay and Nicole for already leaving comments! I thought I would write e little bit about what a fun day we had on Saturday. My mom was here for the long weekend so the four of us went to Granville Island for the better part of the day. We arrived around 9:30am which was great because things weren't very crowded yet. We decided to look around the Market while we were still able to maneuver as it always gets busiest there. We did deal with the crowds at lunch as we all had something different. I had pizza and Jonathan had a burger, David ate Daddy's fries along with an apple sauce and Nana being the only adventurous one of the bunch had sushi and soy beans.
We shopped around and Nana got David s wooden puzzle. We went for the easier looking puzzle since he has never done a puzzle before but he caught on right away so I guess we could have gone a little pit more advanced but he enjoys it anyway. We also stoped at the for some Granville beer and local wine as well as pasta from the market before we left (sun dried tomato & asparagus as well as butternut squash... which we enjoyed for dinner last night).

After all that looking around David needed to stretch his legs so we went to the playground. It was unfortunate that we didn't bring his bathing suit as there is a really nice water park but he had fun staying dry anyway. He was a little bit nervous about the wobbly bridge as he has never seen one before but he made it across on his own. I think I can credit his at home climbing to our adventures at the playground so we are currently trying to teach him that certain things are meant to be climbed while others are not.

Ah, my favorite part of the day. Sitting on the grass after lunch relaxing while David played on the grass and picked flowers. I think I took a few brilliant shots (m favorite one is directly below with him smelling the dandy-lion.

After Granville we went straight to Great-Grandpa and Great_Grandma's house where David got to try his puzzle out and we had a lovely waffle dinner. The evening got cut short after David soiled his final diaper and had to be taken home in a makeshift cloth diaper. Thankfully our car seat survived the trip home. It was time for David to have a shower and go to bed anyway. We had such a nice day. I think next time we have a nice day and Jonathan has the day off we might venture to White Rock.

Wednesday, May 14, 2008


Just incase anyone is franticly searching the woods near there homes I wanted to let you know that Tasha I has been found and is safe! David found her just a few minutes ago but I can't be sure where as I was in the other room. Although when I left the room a few minutes prior he had cimbed behind the couch so I think it is a safe assumption that she was hiding behind there. He was very glad to see her again and also glad that he found her himself and didn't have to give up any nickels. He was so glad to see her that he even got upset when I took her away for two seconds to snap a picture so that I could post about her return.
I have taken a lot of pictures in the last little while so I thought I would share them. This picture was taken at Oma and Opa's on May 3rd... David is enjoying one of Oma's homemade Oreo's which we ended up cutting in half because he wasn't quite sure what to do with such a big cookie.
Here is our Monkey helping himself to the computer. The fact that we keep it on our tall dresser does no good anymore. He finds things to stand on (including his stroller which he pushed into our room the other day) and he reaches the mouse whenever we leave it out. He also likes to turn the monitor on and off. Ahhhh! His climbing just got even worse (or better I should say) when he managed to get on the piano to play with Grammy's WillowTree collection. He is currently playing with mine which I am just trying to find a place to relocate them to but we are running out of high spots so I may just have to pack them up. He now gets completely on top of my dresser and our book shelf.
This is Joel (some of you know him well and others may recognise him from Carolyne's blog to which I have a link set up). He is four months older then David and we enjoyed having him over for dinner with Brad and Carolyne last night. Here they are watching David's newest Backyardigans DVD (International Super Spy) ... I couldn't get one of the songs out of my head last night when I was trying to sleep. But we had a nice visit and it is good for David to have someone his age to play with. They are so cute together and they get along well.
These pictures were taking this morning when David found daddy's bike helmet and decided to wear it. It was so cute I just had to take pictures, especially since Jonathan was already at work. Jonathan is planning to bike to work on a somewhat regular basis now that he is working close by. He started his new job as head produce manager in Richmond on Monday and I know he is enjoying it. It's nice for us too. We dropped daddy off at work this morning (less then a 10 minute drive) and then we used the van to go to Walmart and then mom's and tots for some play time. At walmart I bought David his first bike helmet for when we take him on our bikes. Jonathan is installing toddler seats on our bikes and I know David is going to love it. It will also be great for roller blades if he gets his first pair for his birthday this year and for ridding his own bike when he is ready for that. Every time we go to Walmart I can't help but let David pick out a hotwheels car. They don't cost much and he loves to play cars... plus he doesn't have very many right now.
It seems like there is a lot we have to teach him at the moment and that can sometimes be overwhelming. Plus he is always getting into something. But we love our little boy. We are looking forward to celebrating his birthday next month... and can't believe that he is almost 2.

Tuesday, May 13, 2008


Has anyone seen Tasha? We haven't been able to locate her for over a week and I am beginning to worry she might be lost for good. This is a picture of her twin sister (they are not identical) but it gives you an idea. She is a yellow hippo, approximately 8 inches tall, weighs aporoximately 4 ounces, she's a TY beanie and she is wearing a red dress with orange flowers and red shoes. She is very outgoing and may be found singing and dancing. It's kind of ironic that the backyardigan David has two of goes missing but we still miss her and would like her returned. We are unsure where she was last seen. David is offering a 5 cent reward for anyone offering information which leads to her safe return.

Thursday, May 1, 2008

April Showers... May Flowers?

May is here! Though it is easy enough to forget. I am hoping this month brings some t-shirt weather. Here is David in his rain coat just a few days ago. We have been enjoying the backyard a lot more the last few weeks, especially on Jonathan's days off. We recently bought a bocce set and have been inventing variations to the rules which has been quite fun. While mommy kicks daddy's but at bocce David explores the yard and plays with his outside toys. We have begun the long process of potty training. Nana got him a DVD/Story set with a doll that has its own potty and I think it is helping. Hopefully come June we will have made some process. It's difficult because he still doesn't care if he is wet and stinky.