Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Baby News

We had our first appointment with our maternity doctor at Women's hospital today. Our next appointment is in five weeks (October 3rd) when will be going over the results from our ultrasound (October 2nd). I should have an updated due date after the ultrasound but from the calculations our doctor made we are due between February 27th and March 6th. Everything looks good to go ahead and try for a natural birth this time so that is the plan. Baby's heart rate was 144 beats per minute... this is the same as David's heart rate was when I was pregnant with him. Another boy??? It is in the middle of the range if you use heart rate to determine sex but according to my heart rate when I was in-utero I was going to be a boy so I don't follow that one. So, everything is going well. Going by February 27th as the due date (and our last ultrasound) I am actually 14 weeks pregnant today. Looking forward to finding out more and we will keep you updated but we are enjoying a healthy pregnancy and for that we are very thankful.
Oh, we took a sound recording of baby's heart beat but have not found a way to get it on the blog.

Sunday, August 26, 2007

David This Week

David now has 14+ teeth... we can't tell you exactly how many because we are afraid of getting our fingers bit off! He is continuing to do well. These pictures were taken yesterday and today.

13 weeks

This week our second trimester begins! This is very exciting for me because it means soon we will be having another ultrasound and I will be feeling baby move more often. I have felt a few light movements lately, though it is still quite early for that. This pregnancy I have had less nausea then I did with David... the only thing I can complain about is my allergies but hopefully that will get better soon too. We have our first appointment at Women's hospital this Wednesday.

Sunday, August 12, 2007

Good Eating!

As you have guessed from the title and as you can see from the pictures David is enjoying food and eating lots. We keep thinking he must be in a growth spurt but he has not changed sizes in quite a while. He wasn't too happy he had to share mom's ice cream sandwich but he did get his own plum which Oma and Opa sent home with us on Thursday.

Wednesday, August 1, 2007

10 weeks (August 7th)

Today we are starting our 10th week... only 30 more weeks to go!

Shuswap Lake, June 2007

Rachel's June Family Pictures

I posted a few sneak peeks taken from our camera last month but here are the ones Rachel took. Thanks Rachel... we love them!

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