Saturday, August 20, 2011

Getting Around

Here is the a video of Samara's 1st time crawling forward (taken yesterday morning). I can't believe my baby is crawling (actually yes, I can believe it... I thought she was going to crawl a while ago already). Here she is yesterday morning as well, wearing her amber teething necklace. I am loving it so far and it seems to have minimized her discomfort while teething. I didn't have to give her any advil while her first eye tooth made its appearance this week. We are currently trying to figure out a safe way for her to wear it while sleeping. I tried looping it around her ankle and then putting a sleeper on but our baby houdini somehow managed to get it off her ankle, through her sleeper and into her hot little baby hands.
 Nana spent the week with us and even though she just left yesterday we are missing her already. It was nice to have the company as well as the extra set of arms!
 Angeline is potty trained and somehow manages to stay dry even on 3 hour shopping trips to Ikea and through the night. It is so nice to be down to 1 in diapers... now if I could just get her to behave in the bathroom instead of constantly getting into anything and everything. We currently have to keep the bathroom locked and let her in when she has to go which is not ideal but it save the toilet paper from being unrolled into the toilet (for the 10th time) as well as the floss from being unravelled and the hand soap being used as moisturizer... etc... etc... she turns 2 1/2 in September so hopefully this is a stage she will outgrow soon.
 Here is a silly one of David in his VBS Panda shirt. He spent the last week at VBS (Vacation Bible School) learning a lot, having lots of fun and even memorizing 4 bible verses from Psalm 134. We are still waiting for our main kindergarten curriculum to ship... there have been some issues with it being backordered... but we are looking forward to beginning our homeschool journey in September with Kindergarten!
Jonathan and I are doing well. I think we are starting to find a balance in the business of raising a baby, toddler and big kid. We have accepted the fact that our "to do" list is never going to get done. Instead we are focusing on our "must do" list and spending the rest of the time enjoying our family at this stage we are at. In our "spare" time we are planning for a new kitchen and possibly adding on to our house.

Monday, August 8, 2011

Samara is 8 months old today!

 S.A.M (Samara Anne Marie) is 8 months old. I have not been taking any pictures lately so there are only a few to show sort of what she's been up to... took so many while we were away and then almost none since we have been home. Anyway she's a pro at sitting now and moves to and from a crawling position when sitting. She wiggles around the house and gets up on her hands and knee's but she's not officially crawling yet. She was a bit slow to start solid foods... gaged the most out of my kids so far until I discovered that she just doesn't like baby food. Now she's eating rice, potato, carrot chunks, apple, banana, naan bread, etc! She continues to be my best sleeper though she is cutting her 4th tooth at the moment and so is a bit grumpy about that. We could have easily named her JOY... she is such a happy baby... we all love her to bits. In celebration of her 8 month birthday she decide to start "blowing" today... not zerberts... just blowing air as if she were blowing out a candle... I guess she is getting ready for her 1st birthday which is coming in just 4 months time!