Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Picture (not so) Perfect!






Getting a great picture of our five kids together is not an easy task. We did manage one such shot on Sunday but I thought it would be fun to share the flops. Hope they make you smile!

6 More Joys (12 Joys of Chrismtas continued)

7. We put a lot of TIME into preparing for Christmas. TIME is the 7th Joy I want to highlight but not in that sense. After countless hours of cleaning, baking, cooking, searching, decorating TIME stops as we celebrate Christmas with Family and Friends. We take TIME to visit, nap, entertain each other, listen, share, reminisce. There is a quality TIME in the holidays that brings a true joy to my heart.
9. Each year the kids prepare for their church preschool pageants and kids choir performances. Some of them love it while others loath it but it is part of the Christmas experience. This year we set some time aside to prepare for our own Christmas performance. It was a chance for each child to highlight something they have been learning. It was their way of giving a gift to others. It is a new tradition that I hope to continue with as they grow.
10. I love the different favourite foods of Christmas that have become a tradition each year. My Mom always makes a breakfast bake on Christmas Eve to put in the oven Christmas morning with egg, sausage, bread cubes and cheese. It's just not Christmas without it. Jonathan's family makes "Bubbat" a raisin cake that you can dip in your gravy when having turkey dinner. Then there are all the various cookies. Food=Comfort. Christmas=5 extra pounds.
12. Last but certainly not least, FAITH.