Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Angeline & the Slide

Can you believe she is only 16 months old?

Shuswap Lake Part I

We got back from our summer holidays at Shuswap Lake yesterday afternoon. We are still working on putting a few things away and settling in back at home. We had a wonderful vacation and great weather but it is always nice to be at home and I must say it felt good to sleep in my own bed!
During our week at Shuswap Angeline (16months old) said 7 new words... "bath, cookie, cracker, oh-oh, grandpa, go (can't remember the other one right now)."
David enjoyed rowing the dingy (which he does well), taking the dog for a walk, ridding his scooter down the hill, and driving grandpa's boat.
They both loved all the watermelon and extra desserts and playing peek-a-bo in between the tubes.
Jonathan and I enjoyed the extra hands to help out with the kids (3 sets of grandparents, 2 uncles and 1 aunt), the food, the chance to play a few games of settlers and mexican train and the time to visit with everyone. We also went mini golfing with David for the first time and his uncles and auntie and had ice-cream which is always a favorite. We also drove to Vernon on Monday to visit my Great-Grandpa.
I plan to post some more pictures and maybe a video or two... thus titling this post "Part I."

Saturday, July 10, 2010

How does your garden grow?

I have been finding a bit more time lately to work on the garden. I have definitely had to water more often now that summer is here. This morning I took some pictures before I watered just to give you an idea of how our garden is growing. We also have some tomato plants but they aren't doing too well this year... not sure if we will get any big tomatoes. We have rasberries which have started and blueberries (no berries yet). We also have parsley and dill and we have already harvested and eaten our radishes. I planted some things too early I think that never grew including zucchini which is supposed to be easy (and I love zucchini). Next year I want to try broccoli because it is supposed to be delicious when home grown. I am learning lots and having fun and the kids like it too. There is only ever one ripe strawberry on our bush at a time because he always checks and eats them (but that's what they are for). I am hoping to get out some more soon, let the kids play while it is a bit cooler outside and get some MORE weeding done (there is always more weeding to do).
Cherry Tomatoes, Cucumbers
Cherry Tomatoes
Noah's Roses