Wednesday, March 9, 2016

Joshua, 16 Months






I have definitely not taken enough pictures of this little man lately. He is growing and changing so quickly! I love his train sounds, that his favourite food is broccoli, his sleepy time cuddles, and the honest trouble that he gets into ALL THE TIME. Yesterday we spent the morning outside so these pics were all captured then. Other than the diapers, naps, nursing and snuggies (his must have blanket) there is not much BABY left in my baby boy!

Beautiful Bekah is 3 1/2




Last month Rebekah celebrated her 1/2 Birthday. After Christmas we seem to have gone on a bit of a picture taking purge but I did take some of her trying on these outfits that used to be mine. My custom made gymnastic suit (because who doesn't dream of wearing suspender underwear overtop of their pants) and a fancy dress hand made by Mom.
About the same time she hit the half way mark everyone started commenting about how much more she is talking (though you still might have a bit of a hard time understanding what she says). She is also much more comfortable being without me and enjoys attending her Sunday School class.
Loving our littlest girl.