Thursday, December 22, 2011

If You're Happy and you Know it...

Samara started clapping her hands last week... thought I would share a short video. 

Thursday, December 8, 2011

Happy 1st Birthday Samara

Our baby girl turns 1 today. Happy 1st Birthday Samara Anne Marie! As I reflect on Samara's first year I am finding it hard to come up with the right words to express how much she means to us. Her kisses, smiles and cuddles warm our hearts. She is our sweetheart and she makes us laugh. We love her so much! She's always trying to keep up with her brother and sister and she does a pretty good job. She has taken her first steps but is cautious about starting to walk. She loves to dance (shake it Samara!) and sing... especially Elmo's song. She will often sit quietly studying a toy... you can see the wheels in her head turning. She loves noodles, mashed potatoes, carrots, yogurt and ice cream but will eat pretty much anything. Hope you enjoy these Birthday Pictures... Jonathan has some great ones on his camera as well which he will probably blog soon.

Term 2

 November 18th was the last day of Term 1... our first term Homeschooling. Everything went really well... David is well on his way to meeting the Learning Outcomes for Kindergarten and is at a Grade 1 level for many things. We were very pleased with his first report card.

We are now into the 3rd week of Term 2 and things are continuing to go well. David is very eager to complete the alphabet from  his "All Aboard" Sing, Spell, Read & Write Curriculum. We usually do our school work before lunch and lately he has been asking to do more after lunch when we have already completed the days work.
This first picture is an example from "All Aboard" where you look at the picture and in this case find different things that start with the letter 'M.' We began Term 2 with letter "K" and are now completing letter "P." We have also been working on "Rhyming Words" this Term with more exercises from the "All Aboard" book.

 Term 2 Math began with familiarizing ourselves with blocks 2-9. (Last term we were working with 1, 10 and 100). Each block is a different colour. This week we have been using blocks 2-9 to begin learning basic addition.

Here are a few of David's Christmas Crafts. He insisted the ginger bread man wear underwear! We have been focusing a lot this month on learning the songs, poem and David's line for the church Christmas Pajeant which is taking place on Sunday. I hope to post a video of David and Angeline singing and saying the poem next week.

David is continuing to work on spelling his last name and writing his address. We are learning a song in English and French. We have been reading different prophecies and bits from the Christmas Story with our new advent calendar as well.