Sunday, October 31, 2010

Trick or Treat

Here are a few pictures from Halloween. I don't have the ones from the Canon loaded onto the computer yet. In the morning we went to Bear Creek Park and went on the Halloween Train. David remembered going last year and requested Halloween morning that we go again. This is where they made the Pumpkin hats.
Grandma came with us to the park and then we brought her to the ferry afterwards. She was visiting for the week and helping me out with the kids, making dinner and doing dishes. I really appreciated all the help and the kids are missing her now.
I took David out Halloween night and Jonathan stayed home to hand out candy. Angeline stayed home too because she has been really grumpy lately! David trick or treated with some friends for about an hour and a half (running from house to house) and then we had a nice visit at Breedvelds. It was such a warm evening. On our walk home it was sprinkling and was a bit colder. It was too late to get more candy but we did get to watch some fire works as we were walking up our street. It was a really fun night!

Thursday, October 28, 2010

Stampin Up Club Night

In March I signed up to be a Demonstrator for Stampin Up... selling stamps and supplies for card making, hand made gifts and scrap booking. From April-October I ran my first set of Club Nights, learned a lot and had a great time making projects with the lovely set of ladies who joined me for my first Club.

I am currently "recruiting" for my second series of Club Nights which will run from January-July 2011. We will be meeting at my house on the second Tuesday of the month beginning January 9th. I have 3 spots available for anyone who might be interested.

I am hosting a "Trial Club Night" on Tuesday, November 9th at 7pm for anyone who is interested in more information about becoming a Club Member. This will be a fun opportunity to come and see what a Club Night is all about. Please let me know if you would like to attend this Trial Club so that I can ensure there are enough projects prepared for everyone attending and please feel free to invite your friends. There is no cost for the Trail Club Night.

What does being a "Club Member" mean?
When you sign up to be a Club Member you are committing to 7 months of learning and fun. Each month I will demonstrate new projects using new techniques. Each month Club members will re-create these projects (I provide the supplies) and take them home. It is lots of fun and it is always nice to have a night out!

Club Members commit to making a monthly order of $30 for the duration of the club ($30/month for 7 months), you chose what you would like to order from any of the 3 current catalogues. Each Club member will have a turn "hosting" a Club month and receiving the hostess benefits from that months order (like when you have a home party). This includes a hostess stamp set and $20 or more in free products of your choice.

I am looking forward to Stampin Up Club 2011 and I can't wait to see who will be joining me this year.

Friday, October 22, 2010

31 weeks

At 31 weeks pregnant I would much rather have this baby in my arms then in my belly but as you can see from this picture the kids are having a fun time with it. They like to put stickers on my belly and give me "raspberries"... David likes lifting up my shirt and saying to who ever might be over "this is our baby." Angeline thinks that everyone has a baby in their tummy including Daddy and herself. Today I am tired. At the end of the day my feet hurt. I can still see my toes but I am sure it is only a matter of time before they are gone too. When Baby gets here I think David and Angeline are going to miss my belly and I would not be surprised at all if they ask me to put him back.

Celebrating 5 years

On October 15th we celebrated our 5 year wedding anniversary. It's really an anniversary weekend for us because we got married 1 day before our 1 year dating anniversary. On Saturday my mom came and watched the kids (thanks mom!) and we went to the absolute spa at the century. After our relaxing Spa day we went for a walk (the weather was beautiful, just like the day of our wedding), had a nice dinner and then spent the night at the Century hotel. It was nice to have some uninterrupted time together.
I'm very thankful for my wonderful husband and our children. I can't wait to meet our newest addition. I look forward to the the rest of our life together... however many years God gives us and yes, if I could go back 5 years I would say it again... "I do!"

30 weeks pregnant

Lolly Pop Cookies!

Sunday, October 10, 2010

Monday, October 4, 2010


Here is a picture of Jonathan and myself at my first foot ball game. Saturday we had the chance to watch the Lions win a game. It was a last minute sort of thing as we were given some free tickets but I am really glad we were able to go. Always nice to have a "date." Mom and Dad watched the kids for us two nights in a row this weekend as we had dinner with friends on Sunday as well. Nice to get out a bit just the 2 of us before baby comes... though we are very much looking forward to his (or her) arrival. 80 more days until we are due... 29 weeks pregnant on Thursday.