Monday, November 25, 2013

Samara's Dora Fiesta

On Sunday we were able to celebrate Samara's 3rd Birthday with a "Dora Fiesta." Samara wore her new Dora shirt, we coloured Dora pictures, ate Dora cake on Dora plates and wiped our mouths on Dora napkins. We also played "Pin the Tail on Swiper" and watched a Dora episode.
It was FUN! Thanks to Samara's friends who were able to celebrate with us!
Samara's actual birthday takes place in another 2 weeks but we wanted to celebrate before the craziness of December begins.
Samara is so sweet. We love her! We soak up her hugs and kisses. We are always amazed at the new things she is able to do. She recently started drawing people and has taken more of an interest in letters. I think she will be spelling her name shortly. She is very artistic! Love you Samara! Have a wonderful time being 3!

Friday, November 1, 2013


Our Super Man, Little Red Ridding Hood, Fairy Princess and Strawberry...


Little Red Ridding Hood