Sunday, May 9, 2010

Happy Mothers Day x4

This year it is happy mothers day x4 for me. We thought Mothers Day would be a great opportunity to announce our newest family member... due to arrive December 23, 2010. To some of you this is not a surprise... it is difficult keeping the 4th a surprise... especially when the 1st (David) announced to his Sunday school class last week that he was going to have another baby (cute)! I really can't keep it a secret either so I guess he gets that from me... we really are excited about this one. I actually felt twice as excited when I found out and I am hoping that means that we are having twins but that is a long shot.
Our first Ultrasound is scheduled for June 9th when we will be 12 weeks pregnant... another 4 and a bit weeks to go. We will know about baby's heath after that and will hopefully have some cute pictures to post too. My nausea has picked up quite a bit this last week... hopefully I won't have to suffer through my 16th week like I did with Angeline. But I keep reminding myself that is just part of being pregnant.
We are still working on a name to give baby #4 for the duration of this pregnancy... you may remember we called Angeline "Sweet Pea"... and still do occasionally. I would like to have a Christmas name of some type considering baby's due date... if you have any suggestions... Christmas or not please let us know.
We are not currently planning to find out baby's gender but we will see how we are feeling closer to our 20 week ultrasound.