Sunday, June 27, 2010


Just got back last night from our first trip up to Shuswap Lake this summer. The weather was great... it only rainned a short time the first afternoon. The kids had fun as you can see from the pictures. The first time David decided to go for a swim in the lake he just took off all his clothes and ran right in. He has no time for bathing suits... got some cute pictures of it but I didn't think they were really postable. Angeline's two piece is so cute. The bottoms are a bit big so when they get wet you can see her little bum. Even though we had fun it is always good to be back. We have another busy week and more company for the weekend. Looking forward to it!

Saturday, June 19, 2010

David's 4th Birthday

David turns 4 at the end of this month. In some ways it is hard to believe but he has grown up so much in the past few months that I already think he is 4. Right now he is really into Toy Story and Cowboys. He watches the preview for Toy Story 3 and asks to watch it so that will probably end up being the first movie he see's in Theater. While we were on the Island Nana got him a cowboy hat and took him on a real train ride that got robbed by cowboys on horses so he loved that. He has now officially started to collect "real" Lego. We got him a lego table for his birthday (shhhh... it's a suprise) and Jonathan is also planning to set up his fish tank.
David likes to be funny. He is often doing things to make us laugh and he laughs to himself and says "David's funny." He says the cutest things all the time. When my sister gave him a foam sword I asked him if he was a pirate or a musketeer and he got quite upset and said "NO! David is a BOY!."
We had a birthday party for David yesterday and we did a bit of a Toy Story/Cowboy theme. David wanted a "Woody" cake so we compromised and I made Woody's boot. It turned out well and it was chocolate so he was happy.
Love you David!

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

David and the Zip Line

Visited some friends on the Island yesterday. David had the opportunity to ride their zip line and he loved it (despite the screaming). He saw one of the bigger kids do it and then he ran up the hill saying "David's turn... David's turn"... he waited in line and I thought he might chicken out but he did it. I think he went about six times. Angeline was a bit too young for the zip line but she enjoyed being carried around by Sam, being outside and just playing with the toys. Thanks for the visit!

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Sugar Plum, Love at first sight

Today we had our first ultrasound. It was so nice to see our little Sugar Plum moving around. I can't feel her yet but she is definitely very active. We got a picture too which we are very excited about even if its not the best ultrasound picture ever. Still nice to have our first picture! We also got the news we were hoping for from our ultrasound. Sugar Plum's nucleo translucency fluid is measuring in the normal range. This doesn't mean that she doesn't have Trisomy 13 but it is a really good sign. We did some blood work today and will have some more blood work done in another 3 weeks and all of the results put together give us a good indication of Sugar Plum's health.

We have also managed to finally name baby as you may have noticed from the title and the above paragraph. We really wanted to chose something festive for the Christmas Season and we finally found something that we both liked. Thanks to everyone who gave suggestions. So when you hear mention of Sugar Plum you now know we are talking about baby number four.

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Baby #4

We are nearing our 11th week of pregnancy so we are more then 1/4 done. Not sure if that is really encouraging to me yet but I am finding that this pregnancy is going by fast.
We had a doctors appointment yesterday and got to hear baby's heart beating for the first time so that was really exciting. My uterus is the average size for what it should be at this stage so it seems that there is only 1 baby in there.
Went over my blood test results and discovered that there is actually a reason I am more tired this pregnancy so it is not just my imagination. I will have some more blood work done on the 9th when I have my ultrasound so we will see if things improve. Otherwise I may have to take some medication but it is nothing to worry about.
Looking forward to our ultrasound 1 week from tomorrow. Will be nice to see baby and hopefully get a picture. We are hoping to hear good news that baby is healthy but it may take a few weeks for results. With Angeline they told us the same day that everything was looking good but I guess it just depends if there is someone working who can determine that.
Still no nick-name for baby. I have one I like but not on the same page with Jonathan. Might just have to call this one "baby" until he or she arrives. Thankfully we have had no trouble picking actual names, just not sure what to call her at the moment. We are not planning to find out baby's gender this pregnancy.