Saturday, March 26, 2011

Spring Break

Not a lot changes for us during Spring Break... other then some of our usual activities are cancelled. But this years Spring Break was a Break from the rain and a visit with my sister. Aunty Mandy spent the week with us and it was nice having the extra hands and someone to walk with in the afternoons. We walked 5km almost every day that she was here. I think I really needed the company and the sunshine this week. I was certainly glad to have both. I was also glad to be able to hang the cloth diapers outside... I thought this day would never come! 
After 2 nice days in a row Angeline woke up yesterday, looked outside and said "It's grey outside... Go away Grey!" Today we have blue skies again. Looking forward to being able to do the dishes while they play in the yard and to spending some time in the sun as well.

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Our big Girl & Our baby Girl

March is always a busy month in our family for birthdays. Grandpa Rob turned 50 this month, I celebrated my 28th, Samara is now 3 months old and Angeline turned 2 on Monday. Still more March birthdays to come. We were able to celebrate during our time on the Island as well as since we've been home. Angeline has LOVED all the extra attention as you can probably tell from this picture of her with her cup cake. She spent a good part of her birthday singing "Happy Birthday" to herself... very cute.
Samara LOVES to talk anytime anyone is willing to listen and now gives very big smiles as you can also see from the picture. She isn't full out laughing but she had a little laughing noise that you can tell is a laugh. She hasn't rolled over as of yet but she pulls her arms into her chest and lifts her head like she is going to. At 3 months she weighs 11 lbs 5 oz.
Jonathan and I are LOVING our family. It was nice to be able to go to the Island together and for Jonathan to have a bit of time off work.
I am especially looking forward to some warmer, sunnier days... finding the rain and the cold a bit much at the moment.