Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Joshua 4 Months

Joshua had his 4 month check up today and weighed in at 16 lbs 1oz. When I compared his 4 month picture to his 3 month picture I could see that he hasn't changed as drastically in the last month as he has from month to month previously. He roles onto his tummy more often (he used to just roll onto his side and lay that way), he takes his soother a bit better (but won't have anything to do with a Nuk), and he is a thumb sucker. He still LOVES his swing and he is starting to go in his exersauser for short amounts of time. We have made it a morning routine to sing him his favorite songs "My God is SO BIG" and "Running Over" and we also like to sing these to him after diaper changes and throughout the day. He has found some new voices and loves to talk... sometimes sounding quite growly. He loves kisses and will kiss you back. We are enjoying him and soaking up all the baby goodness we can get, knowing all to well how soon he will grow up.