Saturday, July 20, 2013

Nothing New for 1 Year...

I first read about not buying anything new for a whole year in my "Today's Parent" magazine.... months ago. I must say it tugged at my heart as something I wanted to do with my family and when I talked to Jonathan about it he was very enthusiastic to say YES (I think he saw instant dollar signs on the backs of his eye lids) $$. I want to start in January 1, 2014 and finish December 31, 2014. I know, I could really start now but the New Year always feels like a new start for me so that is what I am planning to do. Another reason I don't want to start just yet is that I don't want to do it alone. I would like to see 10 people commit to doing it too. I HAVE mentioned this idea to a few of my friends, none of whom seemed very enthusiastic but I would like YOU to think about it and get back to me.
Here is the article I read a few months ago that got this idea started:
Click HERE to read the article
This is certainly not a new idea... when I was searching online to find the article there were lots more that came up.
I will be Blogging along in my journey and you can find my posts under the label "Nothing New"

Wednesday, July 17, 2013

11 months

Rebekah is almost half way through her 11th month and it is hard to keep track of everything new. For starters she is eating more both in quantity and variety. Some new things she has tried recently include mushrooms, zucchini, cantaloupe, watermelon, chicken nuggets, ribs, cows milk and even greek orzo salad. She likes almost everything she tries but doesn't seem to be a big fan of raspberries (yet).
She has taken her first steps but is not walking (if that makes any sense). She will take a few steps when coaxed (sometimes) but continues to be cautious. She recently learned how to go down stairs and simultaneously discovered the process for "getting down"on her own from pretty much anything she isn't strapped into. She loves climbing on and off her mattress, Samara's toddler bed, the fireplace ledge and our kids picnic table. She amuses herself by standing on soft surfaces (couches or beds) and throwing herself down on her bum. This sends her into a giggle fit after about 3 rounds which always results in the hiccups. Another favourite game is "ball." We will say "pass to David"... "pass to Mommy" etc and she is very accurate! She loves all the big girl things she can do and the proud grin she gets is adorable. She has 3 words so far... "Mom", "Dadda" and "Nana." We will have more of an update when she has her immunization appointment in August but she weighs about 21 pounds and seems to be doing well.
Who ever decided to refer to babies as "bundles of joy" really nailed it. She is JOY wrapped up an a cute little package. She makes all of us smile. We love her so much!

*In the second picture there is a striking resemblance to my sister Mandy when she was a baby.