Friday, September 28, 2007

Wrong Utensil "Mimi"!

I have been letting David have a soon and attempt to feed himself since he started eating solid food. I found out today that I have been giving him the wrong utensil. Before I put him in his chair for lunch he grabbed my fork from the table. Thinking he would just experiment with it I let him keep it and gave him some macaroni. He successfully used the fork to stab and eat all of his noodles. He was very proud of his accomplishment (as was I) so we will have to find him some smaller forks. And if you are wondering where "mimi" comes from it is David's new way of saying mommy... he used to say "mama" now it's "mimi, mimi, mimi,mimi!"

Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Nectarine Monster

A little over a week ago David decided to climb up on a chair, then onto our table, and from our table he began to take bites out of the two nectarines I had on the counter. So, I decided to wash and give him one. It is his first time eating one whole. As you can see from this video he loves them!

On the topic of food we found out yesterday (the hard way) that our little peanut is well... allergic to peanuts. We have been trying to get him to eat peanut butter as another source of protein and after having a very small piece of toast with a very thin layer of peanut butter he broke out in hives all over his tummy. He was covered within 2 minutes of exposure. Worried that his throat would swell I called the nurse line right away and we took him to the clinic. Thankfully it was a small amount and he had not swelling but we have to be very careful from now one and the doctor said he may outgrow it.

Sunday, September 16, 2007

David's First Hair Cut

Some of you have been dreading this moment, others have encouraged it but regardless of how you feel Wednesday was the big day. Here he is getting his first hair cut.

Last Look at My Curls

Here is David after he just got his curls washed for the last time.

Bethany's Street Party (Last Weekend)

DeMille's Farm

During out trip to Shuswap this month we visited DeMille's farm and David got to see some animals up close. We then went to Margaret Falls (see entry bellow) and then stopped for some ice cream which was an experience in itself. Here is Jonathan eating 2 scoops which he couldn't finish until the next day. Karen and I each had one scoop and I shared with Grandma Unger and still couldn't finish. Looking forward to more ice cream next summer.

Margaret Falls