Monday, June 25, 2007

1st Birthdays

This weekend David had two birthdays while we were in Port visiting family and friends.
Thank you to everyone who was able to celebrate with us.
David is enjoying his new beach toys, cars, bubbles, book shelf, little people, duplo, blocks, crayons, phones, balls, books and hockey stick. Thanks you also for the clothes, tooth fairy pillow, shoes and monkey leash.
I hope to add some pictures when we return for Shuswap Lake.
For those who are asking me what else David needs here are a few suggestions:
Clothes (size 24 months or 2T... for Fall), shoes... size 6, Potty, hiking backpack carrier"Little Kingdom" (Little People) DVD, (Micheal, Sarah and Maggie "Little People" figurines), kids music, sunglasses, dish set, "little tikes" piano, inflatable water toy...
these are just ideas I've come up with for people who have asked. I thought posting what he has already received would help too.

Monday, June 11, 2007

Congradulations Andrew & Rachel Cornelsen

The Happy Bride and Groom
Andrew and Rachel's Wedding was Beautiful and the rain held out which was an added blessing!

Hugs for Mom (Aunty Heather)
Pretty Maids All In A Row

Beautiful BrideSarah (&baby) and Lauren
Melissa (my first time doing any sort of Golf other than Mini)

Enjoying the Reseption (but missing David)

Congratulations to our Cousins! Happy Honeymooning!

Saturday, June 9, 2007


The Guys
Last Sunday Rachel set up and took some beautiful family pictures of us. These were actually taken on Jon and Dad's cameras while Rachel was shooting so they are more of a sneak peak.
The Girls

Fun in the Back Yard!

Just a few outside pictures in Grammy and Grandpa Rob's back yard. David is walking so well! It's so cute! Every day he's improving and when I wake up each morning and see him walk I just can't believe that my baby boy is getting so big... but I am loving every step he takes.

Sunday, June 3, 2007

Water Baby

May 30th Daddy and Auntie Lauren came to watch David's final Swim Lesson.

David swimming under water to mommy.

He likes floating on his back better than his front.
Mommy and David under water.

Little Man... BIG Steps!

Yesterday morning David and I were both awake before Jonathan went to work (this usually doesn't happen since Jon works early) but before he left I told him that I thought David was going to walk today... he had taken up to four steps only 2 days earlier. No steps all day, though he did poop on the big toilette... then when Jonathan came home and I went to work David took NINE steps and Jonathan caught it all on the video camera. I will work on posting it later this week as we first have to upload it to another website. Anyway, it is so cute to watch and he later took 14 steps for mommy when I got home.
Here's a few captures moments from us playing in the yard yesterday. We had a good time for the most part though David was quite disappointed that I wasn't allowing him to eat the rocks he kept finding. He is eating more regular food and only nursing twice a day.

Loving the Dirt...