Saturday, March 24, 2012

Samara, 15 months

I thought it was time I did an update on my Baby (especially since she won't be the baby for long). She turned 15 months old on March 8th. I find she has "grown up" a lot this month. She really enjoys playing with David and Angeline and they all play much better together now that Samara is more independent. Also Samara's new favourite things to play are baby dolls and kitchen centre. I find this really cute and amusing to see a baby walking around with a baby doll on her hip. I recently set up a little "house" for them with all the kitchen and baby stuff and Angeline and Samara play there quite often and David also joins them. She loves to go outside but just got out on the grass for the first time yesterday. It was really funny... she just stood there and wouldn't move. I helped her take some steps and Jonathan has since cut the grass so we will see how she does today.
Her and David are sharing a room now and that is going well since they are both good sleepers. We will probably put the new baby with David so Samara will eventually share a room with Angeline but for now this is working well and the new baby will probably be in our room for a few months anyway. Samara doesn't climb as much as the other two so I am hoping to keep her in her crib a bit longer. David escaped at 18 months and Angeline was taken out about that time too because she was climbing on everything else and we were afraid she would fall out of her crib and hurt herself.
Samara likes to "sing" and loves "Old McDonald had a Farm", "If you're Happy and you know it" and rhymes "round the garden" and "patty cake." New words this month are "Dad" and "again"... she also says "Mom", "more", "duck"... she also shakes her head "no." She is attempting more words... we often think "it sounds like she just said..." Her brother and sister also do a lot of talking for her.
We all love her to bits and are enjoying this very fun stage of growing and exploring.

Thursday, March 15, 2012

Baby Pool #5

Yesterday began our 3 week count down until our next ultrasound when we are planning to discover if our newest addition is a girl or a boy. Some of you have voted on the gender pole we have on the right side of our blog. If you haven't voted yet please take a minute to vote. Also we would like to start gathering guesses for our baby pool.

Original Due Date: August 16
Updated Due Date: August 25 (after dating ultrasound)
Angeline and Samara were both 2 weeks early.

You can leave a comment on our blog, facebook, in person, or via e-mail with your guess for birthdate, baby's gender and birth weight. When Baby arrives we will see who guessed the most accurate.

To Start you off here are Mommy & Daddy's guesses...

Mommy- August 10, Boy, 7lbs 9oz
Daddy- August 11, Boy, 7lbs 12 oz
Aunty Mandy- August 15, Girl, 7lbs 11oz
Aunty Shawna- August 23, Girl, 9lbs
Grandpa Brent- August 13, Boy, 6lbs 7oz
Michelle V- August 16, Girl, 8lbs 1oz
Shelley- August 17, Girl, 7lbs 2oz
Aunty Lauren- August 17, Boy, 7lbs 8oz
Great-Grandma Evelyn- August 15, Boy, 6lbs 10oz
Grammy- August 17, Boy, 8lbs
Grandpa Rob- August 17, Girl, 7lbs 4 oz
Nana- August 1, Boy, 8lbs 1oz
Papa- August 14, Boy, 6lbs 3.5oz
Great-Aunt Janet- August 2, Boy, 7lbs 1oz
Great-Aunty Linda- August 7, Boy, 7lbs 8oz
Breedveld's- August 14, Boy, 8lbs 1 oz
Radke's- August 12, Boy, 6lbs 8.9oz
Oma- August 13, Boy, 7lbs 14oz
Opa- August 12, Boy, 7lbs 9oz
Aunty Theresa- August 10, Boy, 7lbs 8oz
Nikki- August 16, Boy, 7lbs 11oz
Heidi S.- August 9, Girl, 6lbs 4oz
Linda L.- August 19, Girl, 7lbs 9oz
Aunty Marie- August 18, Boy, 8lbs 2 oz

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Angeline's 3rd Birthday

Today Angeline turns THREE. In some ways it seems hard to believe and at the same time we have been treating her like she was 3 for the past year! She celebrated her birthday with a few Friends already in February. Here are a few pictures from her "Purple Party."Angeline had a wonderful time. Thank you to those who were able to celebrate with us!

Monday, March 12, 2012

Science Project/Planting Seeds Part I

 March 7th... planting our mini indoor green house.

March 12th... Our Yellow Pare Tomatoes have sprouted! Yesterday we checked to see if our plants needed some water and there was no sign of green. Today when we checked we were happy to see that our first plants had imerged. Our Yellow Pare Tomatoes are the winners.
We also planted Cherry Tomatoes, Spanish Onion, Chives, Dill, Basil, Mini Peppers and Pansies!

Twenty-Nine & Sixteen

 March 8th we celebrated March Birthdays. Grandpa Rob, Angeline & Myself are all born in March as well as my Dad, Aunty Lauren and Great-Grandma Evelyn. Not to mention many cousins and friends. Grammy made the delicious cake which we all enjoyed.

Yesterday began the first day of the last year of my Twenties! Jonathan took me to Absolute Spa for the afternoon and we enjoyed a couples massage, chicken salad, relaxation in the lounge and a dip in the pool! After we were all nice and rejuvenated we went out for dinner just the two of us. (Thank you Grandpa & Grammy for babysitting). It was a very wonderful birthday, a true reminder of how blessed I am.

 We also took some time yesterday to capture our first maternity pictures at 16 weeks pregnant with Baby #5. We thought it would be fun to get some under water pictures... love that our camera is waterproof! 3 1/2 more weeks until our ultrasound when we will be finding out baby's gender. It felt so nice to be in the water I think I am going to have to make more of a habit of it.
 (under water)

Saturday, March 10, 2012


Here are some pictures from David's hour long bike ride with Grandpa on Thursday. Bike riding is David's favourite activity for P.E. Not just bike riding but specifically bike riding with Grandpa.

Thursday, March 1, 2012

Stampin Up's Sale-A-Bration...

Besides being a stay-at-home Mom and Homeschooling I am also an Independent Demonstrator for Stampin Up. You may have visited My Stampin Up Blog in the past which you can access from a link on this blog as well as the link I've just made in this post.
The reason I am mentioning this again is that Stampin up is currently running their Sale-A-Bration Promotion which is an excellent time to place an order or Host a Party. I will be placing an order on March 7th and am now booking Sale-A-Bration parties for the month of March (Sale-A-Bration ends March 31st).
Stampin Up's current catalogues as well as more information about Sale-A-Bration can be accessed on My Stampin Up Blog.

Last year I also started selling some of the cards I make using my Stampin Up products. If you are interested in having a look at some of my cards or placing a custom order please let me know. Last year I sold just under 50 cards!