Friday, November 20, 2015

Joshua is 1!

Joshua is now 12 1/2 months so I thought it was time for his 1 year update. He had his check up today and is continuing to do well. He now weighs 21 lbs. He is near the 50th percentile weighing slightly less than average and measuring slightly taller then the average 1 year old boy.
He is talking A LOT more then the average 1 year old. I guess we have his 4 older siblings to thank for that? His newest word (yesterday) is "chair".
He has also been walking for the last 5 weeks. He walks as his preferred method of transportation. He only crawls when he is playing or if I put hard shoes on him (still has to figure out shoes).
Having a 1 year old has more challenges then I remember but we are soaking up his adorableness and enjoying each new stage as it comes.