Thursday, September 23, 2010

27 weeks... 3rd Trimester!

Today marks the beginning of our third trimester and I am definitely excited that the end is in sight. Still 91 days until our due date but we are hoping for a birthday baby, two weeks early on December 9th. Baby weighs about 2lbs and is about 14 1/2 inches tall. I keep changing my mind but Jonathan and I are both currently thinking that it's a boy. With Angeline moved into David's room I can begin to organize baby's stuff so that we can be ready boy or girl. Baby is very active and I enjoy his company every night when I lay down and it's his party time. I'm definitely feeling the pains of pregnancy. If I am sitting on the floor with the kids it can be quite challenging to get up. You might find me bent over... I'm not looking for my contact lens.... sometimes it just takes me a minute to straighten out. I have started going for pregnancy massage so that is always nice and it helps keep me moving a little more comfortably.
(Sorry for the headless picture but hopefully you all remember what I look like and can use your imagination. It's the belly that people have been wondering about anyway).

Monday, September 20, 2010

18 months

Angeline is now 18 months (for about a week). We have noticed a huge "jump" in her development. Besides sleeping in a toddler bed, sharing a room with her big brother and giving up her soother she is now talking even more. She recently started repeating words. You can get her to say pretty much anything and we are finding some of the words she has been saying for a long time are improving as well. I'm sure she will be talking in sentences by Christmas. She also has started to be particular about what she wants and does not want to wear and wants to do it herself (but she still needs help). And today she took apart her first truck... and I think she beat her brother on this one... he was probably closer to two (same truck though). Maybe by the time she is 5 she will be able to change the oil for me.
Life has seemed a bit more difficult with the kids lately. Angeline gets into everything but mostly it is probably just the fact that Jonathan hasn't been feeling well and I am just getting more and more pregnant!Also I am glad to be rid of the soother but I do miss it from time to time (now there is nothing to keep her quiet)! Still takes her bottle and LOVES her milk but we have transitioned her from goats milk to homo just to save a bit of money (and we needed to pay for our new king size bed somehow).

Thursday, September 16, 2010

Adventure Challenge-Race Day

On Saturday, September 11th my Mom and Jonathan's Dad participated in and COMPLETED the Adventure challenge. It was a very difficult race starting out in Kayaks, then biking and hiking through difficult trails. Mom completed the "short" course in 4.5 hours and Dad completed the long course in 6.5... together they raised over $4000 for Canuck Place Children's Hospice and we are very proud of them for their accomplishments!
Because they started at different times they actually finished together which was special for us as we waited at the finnish line and they both came running down the last stretch wearing their matching shirts with Noah's picture on the front. It was a fun day... we waited for them at every start and finish of the 3 elements and in between there were hot dogs, face painting, snow cones and a playground for the kids to amuse themselves at.
Here are a few pictures as promised... sorry they aren't in order but it gives you an idea anyway.

Saturday, September 4, 2010

Big Girl Bed

Today is Angeline's first day in her big girl bed. We were busy this morning arranging David's room so that they can share. It works out the David is having a sleepover with his grandparents so she can get used to her bed on her own. Hopefully it will go well when David is here tomorrow night. I know they are probably going to want to play and not go to sleep.
Angeline will be 18 months on the 14th. This is about the age that David started getting out of his crib and she is a better climber (if you can imagine) so it was time for a change. Also this way they have lots of time to get used to it before baby arrives. And we have a king size bed coming on Tuesday so we can now work on getting our double bed into Angeline's old room and then getting our room ready for the King. Not sure where we are going to put the baby???

Friday, September 3, 2010

Meet Our Fish

At the end of July we set up Jonathan's 40 gallon fish tank and began preparing it for fish once again. We introduced some live plants and then a bunch of different fish in about 3 stages. For the most part they have all done well. It's amazing how much we all enjoy sitting and watching them. Here are some picks taken with our underwater camera.
Freddie, Freida & Stripe

We also have a yellow gourami, 5 red fish, 12 small tetra's as well as Charlie & Waldo who keep our tank clean and a bunch of snails that are already multiplying. I have the types of fish written on a piece of paper which I of coarse can't find at the moment! We are really enjoying them though and we have only had 3 deaths.