Monday, November 7, 2016

Happy 2nd Birthday Joshua!





Whether it's "Terrible" or "Terrific" Joshua is officially 2! We had a great time celebrating with family last week and again with a few friends last night. We are planning to take some official 2 year pictures this week and I have some good ones on my phone as well but I wanted to post now, knowing that if  I put it off it might not happen until the new year.

Joshua is doing really well. He is advanced in his speaking and will copy any word. He talks  a lot including making small sentences. Some of my favourite things he says are: "thank you Mommy!", "sorry Mommy!", "pokemons," "can I try? (whenever he hears me turn on the mixer or sees me fixing up something in the kitchen)."

Another area he is particularly accomplishes is drumming! He seems to have a natural interest and beat. It will be interesting to see if it is something he pursues as he gets older. For now it is just adorable.

He LOVES books, Paw Patrol, trains, cars, animals, music, going for walks and being outside. And we LOVE our Joshua!