Sunday, January 24, 2010

1st time in Whistler

(Angeline's trip highlight, the Mongoli Grill)

(David and his friend Mukmuk)

(In the Village)

(the view from where we stayed)
We just got back from a weekend in Whistler. It was a first time experience for myself, David and Angeline. We all had a very nice time despite being woken up at 5am by MR. D. There was lots of walking and fresh air so we are exausted but I just wanted to say that we are back and to post a few of our pictures and a video of David Sleeding. Thanks Dad and Mom for the amazing Christmas gift of many fun memories made.

Sunday, January 10, 2010


January is usually my least favorite month but this year it hasn't been so bad. Earlier this week I took the kids out in the yard because it was so nice outside. David is loving his sister more and more all the time. He likes to pick her up, and likes the fact that he is able to move he away from his toys when he has to... but is generally pretty good at sharing.