Friday, November 26, 2010

This Week...

First snow experience.
First Hair Cut

One night when they insisted on sleeping in the same bed.

Yesterday Angeline had her first hair cut and she did very well. After hair cuts were done we all played in the snow a bit while Jonathan shoveled the drive way and then we had hot chocolate. It has rained since so the road is slushy and icy. Being stuck at home has not been so bad as we have been able to continue to get things checked of the list. I think baby is waiting until we are "ready" for him to arrive. Maybe we will do some Christmas decorating when Jonathan gets home. 36 weeks pregnant yesterday and my next doctors appointment is Tuesday.

Thursday, November 18, 2010

35 Weeks

We are 35 weeks pregnant and the weeks are finally going by quickly... a little too quickly. I can't wait to hold this little one in my arms (not to mention have him out of my stomach) but there is still so much to do. Yesterday we got the baby car seat out and moved David and Angeline's chairs to the back of the van. I have to wash the car seat cover, the baby clothes and blankets. I am packed for the hospital finally! Some of you may think it is too early to pack but my doctor told me that baby will likely be here in 2 more weeks (I'm hoping he's a good guesser). We could have a November baby after all but I am still thinking December. That being said the baby pool is closed! Thanks to everyone who put a guess in.
I'm doing really well... just exhausted and wondering how I am going to get my house ready in time for baby's arrival and Christmas but what gets done gets done and the rest will just have to wait.

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Baby Pool

Counting down the days until baby's arrival we thought it would be fun to invite everyone to guess about baby's birth date, time, weight, and gender. You can "vote" Boy or Girl on the side bar (please only vote once) and we would love for you to leave your more detailed guess in a comment or an e-mail to us with your name and we will publish your guess on this post.
Hints: We are due December 23 and I have not made it to my due date so far. David was 1 week early, Noah was 3 weeks early and Angeline was 2 weeks early.
Start guessing!

Melissa (Mama)... Dec 9, 2AM, 7lbs 7oz, BOY!
Jonathan (Daddy)... Dec 9, 6AM, 7lbs, BOY!
Lauren & Brent (Aunty & Uncle)...Nov 30,9PM, 7lbs 2oz, BOY
Karen (Grammy)... Dec 7, 6PM, 6lbs 14oz GIRL
Evelyn (Great-Grantma)... Dec 13, 10:20AM, 7lbs, BOY
Janet (Great-Aunt)... Dec 13, 10:20AM, 6lbs 10oz, GIRL
Shawna J... Dec 18,7:30PM, 8lbs, BOY
Conor J... Dec 23, 12PM, 7lbs, BOY
Margaret L... Dec 23, 7:30 AM, 7lbs 12oz GIRL
Linda L... Dec 14, 7lbs 2oz, BOY
Carol (Nana)... Dec 12, 5:37AM, 7lbs 14oz, GIRL
Margaret (Oma)... Dec 14, 5:30AM, 7lbs 10oz, BOY
Brent (Grandpa)... Dec 7, 2:30PM, 6lbs 2 oz, BOY
Shelley... Nov 28, 3:30AM, 6lbs 7oz, BOY
Mandy (Aunty)... Dec 5, 11PM, 7lbs 2 oz, BOY
Rob (Grandpa)... Dec 10, 8:10PM, 7lbs, BOY
Anne (Great-Grandma)... Dec 4, 7:30AM, 6lbs 10oz, GIRL
Abe (Great-Grandpa)... Dec 14, 6lbs 5oz, GIRL
Theresa... Dec 5, 8PM, 7lbs 2oz, BOY
Linda (Great-Aunt)... Dec 10, 5PM, 7lbs, BOY
Ches (Great-Uncle)... Dec 8, 8AM, 6lbs 8oz, GIRL
Christina M... Dec 10, 10:30PM, 7lbs 8oz, BOY