Friday, November 16, 2012

Oh Canada

Today is David's last day of Community Class until January and they are going ice skating. This term they learned many different things about Canada. David continues to enjoy going to school on Fridays. I find Friday mornings frantic trying to pack a lunch and get everyone out of the house by 9am for a 20+ minute drive there and then back. It seems that we just get home and it is time to pick him up again. But he loves it so much and I do think it is good for him to have experience in a classroom setting. It will be nice for me one I can drop all the kids off on Fridays. Angeline can't wait! They all miss their big brother on Fridays.

Thursday, November 8, 2012

Term 1 - Science

 David learned all about "Life Systems" this term. He just completed the Review Test for this Unit and scored 89/100. He never likes to get a wrong answer but I was really proud because he had to remember all of what he has been learning since September. He learned about living things, non-living things and how to differentiate, as well as the needs of living things. He learned about plants and animals, different types and what they need. 
 David learned about the human body. Names and functions of different body parts and our senses.

 This is a picture of David participating in a science experiment about how our sense of smell and sense of taste are related.

Friday, November 2, 2012

3 months

Rebekah is 3 months old today! I took these pictures last night and each time I put her on her stomach to take a picture she rolled onto her back before I could snap one. This was a new discovery. I did manage to get a few of her on her tummy, as you can see she is holding herself up quite well. Besides rolling over from tummy to back she has also started laughing. Caught a glimpse of that on video yesterday as well. She is continuing to sleep well at night and soaks up all the attention she can get. We adore our little Rebekah. Happy 3 month Birthday Love!

Thursday, November 1, 2012

Our Growing Pumpkin Patch

 The littlest pumpkin

 Lion, Spider Man, and Ms. Dragon

This October 31st was in a lot of ways the most low key Halloween so far. We were not even sure if we were going to let the kids trick or treat for a couple different reasons. We didn't visit the pumpkin patch this year or carve any pumpkins. They really wanted to go so I decided to take Spider Man and Ms. Dragon just to a few houses on our street. Before we left it was raining cats and dogs! In the end Samara came too. She was at the door with her boots and really made it clear to us she was coming. We put on her rain suit and a Lion hat. I was going to put her in the umbrella stroller but since we were just doing a few houses on our street we all walked. A few houses turned into about 16 and we walked for just over an hour. The rain slowed down but we were definitely wet by the time we made it back to our house. We made one last stop at our neighbours so that they could see the kids all dressed up. He asked us "Are you done?" And I said "yes, we are all pretty wet" and he said "No, are you done having kids?"! I was quite surprised by this and not quite sure what to say.
Anyway we crossed the lawn to our house and sorted our candy. The kids were allowed one each which or course turned into 3 or 4.
I must say Samara did well for not being quite 2. She walked almost the entire way.  We got one "ti ti" out of her which I am sure was "trick or treat." She doesn't say "thank you" yet but she said "Bye-bye" and waved to everyone once they gave her candy. I picked her up for the last 3 houses only because she no longer wanted to hold my hand. David was the first one to ask when we were going home (found out when he took his costume off that he was only wearing underwear underneath... good thing he had his warm jacket).
We got our usual 30 trick or treaters, despite the rain.