Thursday, March 18, 2010

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Angeline is 1 year old! - March 14th

On March 14th we celebrated Angeline's 1st Birthday. We were on the Island for her birthday so that is why I am a bit delayed in blogging it. I also wanted to wait until I had a bit more of an update as she had her 1 year check up and shots yesterday.

At 1 year old she still hasn't quite reached 17 lbs! She has dropped a bit in her percentile but that is common at this age because they are so mobile. She is very busy... but not walking independently yet.

We have managed to achieve another special milestone however, one I have been waiting for since she was born... First Pony-tail! Angeline isn't so excited about this but mommy is and you will likely see her sporting this new hair style very soon. Next we are waiting for the day we can achieve pig-tails. I keep telling her "pain is beauty!"

Here are some pictures of the birthday girl on the Island as well as myself who turned 27 this month, my dad who will be 50 and my grandma who is turning "68"... lots of March babies!

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

1st Picnic of 2010

On Saturday we went for our first picnic of the year. It's been nice to be able to get out in the sun even if it is still cold outside. It warmed up later Saturday to the point that we could even take out jackets off but definitely still needed sweaters. The video of Angeline was take a different day at a different park but I still thought it would fit well with this post. There are signs of Spring everywhere in our yard... Jonathan even cut the grass for the first time and I hung the diapers on the line. We are really looking forward to the warmer temperatures that should be on their way.

Saturday, March 6, 2010

Noah's House

Usually anniversaries are a positive thing. Today on the second anniversary of Noah's death I want to tell you about something positive my mom and Jonathan's dad are doing in Noah's honour. On September 11th, 2010 they will be racing 6 km by kayak... 32km by bike and a 10 km run... all part of the Adventure Challenge to raise money for Canuck Place.

Canuck Place has been a very special place for our family since Noah was diagnosed in November 2007. They were the only organization offering us support in the decisions we would have to face when Noah was born and through out his life. In the end Noah breathed his last at Canuck Place... a nightmare most of you can only imagine but Canuck Place took care of everything for us, made sure Noah and we were as comfortable as could be and then provided us with some memories to cherish as we began our journey of grief.

6 months after Noah died we attended a grief support group at Canuck Place, every second Tuesday for 1 year. That support group helped us be able to live again after Noah's death. David attended play therapy while we went to our meetings with other parents who had lost a child. David loved going to Canuck Place and always had hugs for the women who would watch him. On the day of our last meeting (a happy day because we were moving on, a sad day because we would miss our friends and the special time set aside to talk of Noah) I asked David as we were walking towards the gate to go in. "Do you know where we are?" I thought he would say "Canuck Place" but what he said was "Noah's House."

I am high-lighting this event as a way of sharing on the anniversary of my son's death that his life goes on. It goes on in my heart and in the hearts of many. His life goes on in the memories that many of us share. So if you would check out the Adventure Challenge sight and consider sponsoring dad (Rob Neufeld) or mom (Carol Hanson) you would be putting your money towards a very worthy cause, towards Canuck Place.... or as we like to call it "Noah's House."

to make a donation to Canuck Place by sponsoring Dad or Mom just go to the Adventure Challenge Website. There is a link on my blog under "sites to check out" or you can click on the link below...

Friday, March 5, 2010

It's My Party...

Angeline & Alexandra
Joel & Natalie
Angeline, Jasmine & Alexandra

We had a small get together today to celebrate Angeline's 1st Birthday. She did very well especially concidering she missed her nap. After her friends left she slept for 30 minutes and that was it! So she went to bed at 6:45 and hopefully she sleeps through the night. Still another week until she actually turns 1.