Thursday, December 22, 2016

Home Alone DAY 4

Yay for kids sleeping until 6:30 AM. Still turned cartoons on for a bit and got some more cuddles in with Naomi. She still seems the same size as when she was born but I am having a hard time with the fact that the first week has gone so quickly.

Cereal for breakfast and left overs for lunch.

I was hoping to get our bedding washed today and Naomi made sure to make that happen. She decided to squirt poop all over our sheets and my pajamas while I was changing her. Thanks Babe! Anyway, it forced me to get one more thing checked off my list today that probably otherwise would not have got done. Probably the only thing checked off my list

Jonathan and David actually made it to Karate today.

The midwife came this evening and weighted her again. She is 2 ounces shy of her birth weight. Her umbilical cord came off too. It looks a bit strange because of her hernia. She is continuing to do well.

The older 4 had a bit of a harder go today. At breakfast I had given them a nice speach about how they were all being so helpful... so I guess they decided they could take a day off. I think it was good for David to work some energy off at Karate. He won 2 belt matches against an equal belt and one belt higher then him.

Wednesday, December 21, 2016

Home Alone DAY 3

Today was an early start. Mr. Josh woke up at 5:30a.m. I have to say I much prefer being woke up by Naomi at that time. I can change and feed her and get some more cuddles and sleep. Josh is cranky today and though he is walking his leg still seems to be bothering him, even after the advil.

In short we started with ipad and cartoons and I managed to rest a bit longer. Will have to make another early night of it tonight.

The kids had cereal for breakfast and I made more muffins. I have made more muffins in the last 2 months then I ever have in a whole year. That was lunch along with some yogurt and fruit. Also made up some Rice Krispie Squares. Dinner was another easy one as I had frozen some chilli before Naomi was born.

Had some friends over in the afternoon which helped make a good day great!

Joshua's foot improved through out the day and he now seems fine again. He missed his nap but went to bed good. I realized after dinner that Naomi is now 1 week old. I can't believe it! The kids have made the transition much smoother then I imagined.

Sweezed in a movie night with Jonathan and David and watched "Kubo and the Two Strings."

Tuesday, December 20, 2016

Home Alone DAY 2

Naomi is now 6 days old and today we weren't quite as Home Alone. Grammy and Great-Grandma came for a visit and brought us lunch (thank you)! Breakfast was easy... shakes (love our new Blentex). Dinner was easy too because we had some left overs stacking up in the fridge.

Our visit made the day go by more quickly and nap time and bed time ran as usual... just a little later on the bed time. Jonathan took Joshua to the ER when he got home from work to solve the mystery of his sore foot. He has had 4 days since October where he just won't walk on it. Turns out its not his foot but his hip. Inflammation in the hip caused by a previous virus. It's common... and more common in boys. It should resolve itself in 6 months. He was walking again by the time they got home.

Naomi is continuing to do well. She is just getting a bit too much milk at the moment but I suppose it is better then the opposite. Hoping that department will have normalized by the weekend. I am doing well also. Beside the discomfort of too much milk I am still retaining a lot of water but otherwise my recovery is going smoothly.

We did manage to cross off the two things I wanted to get done yesterday. 1- A bath for Naomi. 2- Naomi's Laundry. I had wanted to do her first bath in her tub and take pictures and it ended up being a quick bath with Daddy because that is what worked but the important thing is she got clean. So all in all it was a good day. I think my conclusion after day 2 is that 6 isn't much more than 5 and having a newborn is easier with the extra little hands. Angeline and Samara especially do a great job holding their sister for long periods. I was even able to grab a shower this morning!

Monday, December 19, 2016

Home Alone (with 6 kids) DAY 1

Five nights ago we welcomed our final addition into the world and brought the total of children under our roof to 6 kids, age 10 and under. Today was my first day "Home Alone" and so I decided to blog about it. Leading up to Naomi's birth I have had some anxiety regarding the logistics of how these first weeks home alone would actually work. Jonathan will be off for the months of January and February so once these initial weeks are under foot we will have more time and help as we adjust to being a family of eight. By March we should have a workable routine and Naomi will have developed a pattern for sleeping and eating (in theory).

My morning started at 5:30am with a happy, awake baby girl who was ready for a diaper change and a little one on one Mommy time. We were joined by my second youngest, Joshua at 6:30am. By then we were ready to get out of bed and start our day. We headed to the kitchen and made 2 dozen blueberry oat muffins. The older children slowly trickled in and soon the muffins were ready to eat along with some fruit and yogurt. That was breakfast.

After breakfast we started our search for a missing library book and since David (my oldest) found it I promised him some extra video game time. This also kept the other children amused while Angeline and Samara took turns holding our hiccuping baby. In between there were chores with many interruptions, nursing and more diaper changes.

We kept lunch simple... frozen pizza.

Nap time didn't go so well but it was the only "hard" part of the day. The older kids were having trouble staying quiet for quiet time and were not getting along well. Thankfully Joshua and Naomi managed to sleep and Mommy even got a wink or two.

Once Daddy got home I quickly made some meatballs and mashed potatoes... that was dinner. We read our advent devotional and watched "The Secret Life of Pets." Bed time went well with the exception of Joshua who needed to be cuddled extra long. All in all a great first day home alone.

Sunday, December 18, 2016

Naomi Gloria


Naomi Gloria
December 14, 2016
6 pounds 14 ounces
19 inches
8:05 PM
Born at Home, Water Birth


Saturday, December 17, 2016

Christmas Pictures




This might be as far as I get to sending out Christmas pictures this year! We do wish everyone a special Christmas... it certainly is for us!
Much Love,
Melissa, Jonathan, David, Angeline, Samara, Rebekah, Joshua & Naomi

Thursday, December 1, 2016

Christmas Letter 2016, December 1

Happy December 1st!

With the arrival of December come the start of the official Christmas Season. We hope you enjoy our Christmas Letter with updates on all 8 of us! Besides adding another paragraph to our Christmas Letter we also updated our vehicle to a 12 passenger Nissan NV. I had the same reservations about driving a big van as anyone might but I LOVE IT!

2016 has been a year of interviews for Jonathan, 5 in total.  We started the year with thoughts of moving to a smaller town. For now we are continuing to enjoy our home in Delta but we are not sure what 2017 will bring. In June Jonathan scored the winning goal at the final soccer game of the season and we were actually there to see it. He has also been making a real kick in Karate completing his first grading in August and receiving his yellow belt in September. We recently enjoyed having him home for 2 weeks and are looking forward to him taking some parental leave in the New Year.

David completed his first Karate grading and earned his White Stripe Belt in May (the kids move up with stripes in between colours). He completed Grade 4 with all A's and B's and at his portfolio meeting his teacher was especially impressed with his Minecraft Biome Project which he came up with entirely on his own. Another highlight from Grade 4 was attending Nature School, spending 1 day a month in the woods. Once Grade 4 was complete he somehow turned 10, which I am still trying to figure out. He made an early start to Grade 5 at the beginning of August and has done really well learning French with the Duolingo App. It seems he would be a good candidate for late entry French Immersion so that is something to explore in the next few months. He also recently graded for his Yellow Belt in Karate and we are waiting for his results.

Angeline turned 7 in March and soon after lost her first tooth. She is continuing to do well with school and enjoys attending class 2 days a week at HomeQuest's new location, Annieville which is just a few short blocks from our house. She continues to enjoy Ballet and Swimming Lessons. She also enjoys mothering Joshua and will often read him bed time stories and has even been known to change a diaper or two. She is looking forward to having a baby to help out with soon.

Samara graduated from Kindergarten and is in full swing in Grade 1. She is very clever in Math and enjoys English as well. She is progressing in her reading and also learned to ride her 2 wheel bike while we were camping this June at Rathtrevor Beach. She recently joined her sisters in the "stitches" club, having fell and split her chin. In a weeks time she turns 6!

Rebekah turned 4 in August and really wishes she could have started Kindergarten this year. All the same we give her "school work" to do and have been working with her speech. She loves going swimming and we are talking about starting her in swimming lessons next month. She is really looking forward to her Ballet Class in January. She loves to colour and makes us lots of sweet pictures.

Joshua turned 2 in November and has been busy developing into a little boy. At the beginning of the year we were pulling our hair out a bit, forgetting just how busy little boys can be but he has really come around and is able to be curious without causing so much trouble. He loves to listen to stories, play trucks, cars and trains, sing and play the drums (he is actually surprisingly good for a 2 year old!)

Baby #7 is due to arrive on Christmas Day! We are expecting him/her to arrive in 1-2 more weeks seeing as all of our kids have been about 2 weeks early. When I first started the draft for this years Christmas Letter I had planned to delay posting it until after Baby arrived so that I could include our news in the letter. I have since decided to keep with tradition and post on December 1st. We will post a separate announcement after Baby arrives later this month.

I started the year continuing with Zumba and then being introduced to "Refit" which is a Christian dance workout. I loved Refit so much that I even looked into becoming an instructor. In April I was finding myself all of a sudden exhausted and then discovered we were pregnant with our newest bundle of joy. In April I also attended a Women's Retreat at RockRidge Canyon and was happy that I could finally try zip-lining (usually I am pregnant when the opportunity presents itself). It was lots of fun and as it turns out I was pregnant (but just barely). That leaves me almost 37 weeks along and planning for our first (and last) home birth.

As far as an actual Christmas Photo goes we are waiting to include Baby. If Baby arrives too close to Christmas we will just make it a Happy New Year Photo.

As much as this can be one of the busiest times of year we have worked hard to simplify life as much as possible so that we can enjoy this season of Advent. The kids are enjoying a break from school work and I am enjoying a bit of calm as we continue to anticipate the arrival of our youngest child.

We want to wish you all a Happy Christmas.

Melissa & Jonathan
David, Angeline, Samara, Rebakah, Joshua & Baby