Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Congratulations Marie and Jody!

Last night I dreamt that my cousin Marie had a baby boy. This morning I found out that she did! Congratulations Marie and Jody on the birth of your son!

Welcome Joseph into this world and into our family!

Joseph Mervin Halverson
September 22, 2008
5:15 PM
8 lbs 3.5 oz
20 inches tall

Saturday, September 20, 2008

Precious Pictures

Today I went to my first "Precious Pictures" event at Canuck Place. I scrap booked 2 memory pages for the Canuck Place album. It was a bit difficult to photograph my pages but it gives you an idea. I was hoping to work on Noah's book but it took the entire time to do these two pages. Next time I will be able to work on his book if I havn't finnished it yet. The event is held every 3-4 months and I want to finnish Noah's book before Sweet Pea arrives. I've actually got a whole list of projects I would like to complete while my hands are free so I've got to get started.

Thursday, September 18, 2008

Seeing Sweet Pea

This morning we had a "nuchal translucency" test by ultrasound to determine if Sweet Pea is likely to have trisomy 13. The nuchal translucency measurements were normal, reflecting that of a healthy baby. Along with the ultrasound they did a blood test on me "integrated prenatal serum screen" and I will have to have a second sample taken on October 8th. We should have those results back October 20th and our 19 week ultrasound is booked for November 3rd.
At this point the only thing causing us any concern is the statistic of our chances to conceive another trisomy 13 baby being 1 in 100. After seeing Sweet Pea swimming around this morning and having the results back that everything looks good we are feeling confident. We will certainly be worrying less then if we hadn't had the test or if the test had given us cause for concern. We know that many of you will be rejoicing with us as you hear this good news. Please continue to pray for a healthy baby and pregnancy.
Another bit of information... Sweet Pea's heart rate is 146 bpm which is the exact same as both David and Noah. While heart rate does not accurately predict gender we couldn't help but feel that we might have another little boy on our hands. Also our Vancouver Sun article was posted on a door at the hospital so it was kind of funny to run into our picture.

Monday, September 15, 2008

Big Boy Transition-Phase 1 Complete

I thought it was time for another David update. He is growing so fast right now I can't possibly keep up but we have had a major milestone and I will share a few smaller things as well. Phase 1 is no more bottle! I thought this was going to be a lot more difficult then it was. We cut him down to half a bottle at night time a few months ago now and would occasionally give him the other half if he woke up too early in the morning. As of our trip to Shuswap he hasn't had any bottles at all. I packed one of the bottles he used to use because I didn't want to bring liners which we were using for his current bottles. I warmed up his milk and tried to give it to him in the "old" bottle and he didn't want it. So that whole weekend he had none. When we got back we decided that since he went all weekend without a bottle that was it... he was weaned. After a few fussy nights we settled into a new night time routine.
Phase 2- Potty Training. We have been working on this on and off since before his 2nd birthday. Since I became pregnant it has been "off" because I have been tired and my nausea has been far worse this time then with David and Noah. David has also become less willing to participate. So when I am ready for a difficult few weeks I will give it another try (hopefully one last try) but I am not sure if that will be before or after Maui.
There are so many funny and special times we have had with David recently. Our first night at Shuswap after we tucked him in he stole both of our pillows and brought them back to his bed to sleep. A few days after we got home I told him it was time for his nap and next thing I knew I couldn't find him anywhere. I looked and looked until I saw a puff of blond hair sticking out from between the couch and the book shelf... he was hiding quite successfully.
He has become a cookie monster for sure. He asks for cookies throughout the day and if mom says no he either persists or finds another tall person who can reach the cookies.
New words every day... new songs and games to play. He is our Joy.

Saturday, September 13, 2008

Vancouver Sun

Just wanted to let everyone know that we are on the front page of
The Vancouver Sun today. Click on the photo to enlarge if you want to read the article.

Monday, September 8, 2008

The Sweetest Sound...

Some of you may have noticed the countdown near the bottom of our blog, others have heard from us or from someone else and some of you may be finding out for the first time as I officially blog that Jonathan and I are expecting our third child.
We thought "Sweet Pea" was a little more charming then "it" or "baby#3" so that is what we have named baby for the duration of our pregnancy.
Yesterday we began our 11th week, Sweet Pea is the size of a large lime and growing fast. We had a doctors appointment today and everything looks great. We even got to hear the sweetest sound... Sweet Pea's heart beating. I know there are a lot of people anxious to find out if Sweet Pea is a boy or girl but we have decided to keep that a surprise. So everyone including us is just going to have to wait until Sweet Pea is born.

Sunday, September 7, 2008

Weekend at Shuswap Lake

This weekend we made a quick trip up to Shuswap Lake. It was actually both our first and last trips of the year. We had such a crazy summer we didn't think we were going to be able to make it out but we are really glad we did. David had such a nice time being the nature lover that he is. As you can see from the pictures he got to see some ducks up close, help with the fire, make bubbles, cut the grass and walk the dog... among other things. I think he most enjoyed sitting next to the water throwing rocks in. He would sit there forever singing to himself... it was so cute. His most recent song is "Happy Birthday" and he practices throughout the day. This is David's 3rd year at Shuswap... my 4th... probably Jonathan's 20th. Here are a few pictures of David at Shuswap his first two years...

Monday, September 1, 2008

Mommy's "Time Out"

Sometimes mommy's need a time out. This weekend I got mine. Friday evening I left for Victoria by myself (this is key). I went to visit my friend Theresa and her two kitty's as well as the puppy she was babysitting. I think this helped the fact that David wasn't around because there is never a dull moment with 3 small animals running around! We rented a couple of movies, ate out and went shopping. What more can a mom ask for when she needs a break. I was originally only going to spend one night but I phoned on Saturday and David didn't miss me yet so I thought I had better stay another night. This was great because I was also able to go out for lunch with my friend Del who I don't get to see often enough (thanks Del). I had a great weekend. On the way home last night I bought David this captains hat and since I don't have any pictures of my weekend away I thought these pictures would go along excellent with my post.