Sunday, July 26, 2009

Family Picture

The more kids we have the more difficult it is to get a nice family picture. Here is the most recent family picture of the 4 of us. Thanks Uncle Jared for taking the picture as well as many other nice ones during our time at the Lake.

Saturday, July 25, 2009

3 years and 4 months

At the end of June we celebrated David's 3rd Birthday and it seems that in the last few weeks he has really transformed from a two year old to a three year old. He is sliding down the fireman pole all by himself at the park and climbing every other part like a little monkey. But the biggest difference is he is now potty trained. I was honestly beginning to think that this day would never come but he has done really well. It has been one week since he decided he was ready and we have had only 1 accident on the first full day of no more diapers. He has since been to the park, home depot and Grandpa's house and hasn't had any problems using a toilette outside our house. At night he wears a pull up and this morning after over 12 hours he was completely dry. We are very proud of our big boy.
Angeline is growing up too in her own little ways. She had her 4 month shots and weighed in at 11 lbs 12 oz, measuring 23 1/2 inches tall. She hasn't gained any height as of late but is almost 12 lbs. We are keeping a bit of a closer watch on her weight because she is tiny but she is healthy so we are not overly concerned. She now rolls over onto her tummy when placed on her back. She holds her head level with her body when you pull her up to sit with her arms and she sits propped up. She loves to laugh especially at her brother and I hope to post a video of this soon because it is so cute!
We have been very busy with our children and our house and are very tired at the moment but we are enjoying it all at the same time. Summer is going by too fast but we look forward to all of Angeline's first still to come and we know that there will be lots of milestones this fall and winter to come.

Thursday, July 16, 2009

Shuswap Traditions

We started a tradition with David the first time we took him to Shuswap. Angeline's first trip was this July so the tradition carries on. David was 4 weeks old in the 1st picture of this post and Angeline is 4 months old. Some things have changed. Jonathan no longer wears glasses and he's in a different pair of shorts but the naked baby butt remains the same.


While we were away we visited with my Great Grandpa... Angeline's Great-Great Grandpa. Angeline is Grandpa's daughters, daughters, daughters, DAUGHTER... very special! Grandpa showed us his garden which is always lovely and we visited outside while the butterflies danced around. I think Great Grandma May and Grandma Grace were with us too. Five generations.

Now & Then

Brooke & Angeline
David & Cameron

Cameron & David

A while ago Sheena and I dressed the kids up to match and took pictures. The girls were far more cooperative then the boys. I am always so thankful for friends with kids the same age. Cameron is a little less then 3 months older then David and Brooke is 5 months older then Angeline.