Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Richmond Birthday (July 15th)

Finally here are some pictures from David's Richmond Party! He had lots of fun playing with his friends in the pool and playing soccer with the big boys. Thanks to everyone who was able to celebrate with us.
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What's new??? (read the fine print)

It has been a while since we have had a chance to update but life continues as usual at the Neufeld house. David is getting smarter by the day and he is constantly surprising us. Yesterday he found a kleenex and before I noticed he had it he had already wiped my nose... so cute. Also when Jonathan mentioned bed time David ran full speed to his bedroom and climbed onto the rocking chair where Jonathan feeds him his bottle. This month David has gotten three new teeth which brings the total up to nine. He has also learned how to walk up stairs holding someones hand... such big steps. And he walks long distance now... down the street to the school or down the long isles at Costco (his favorite). And little does he know each new step he takes is preparing him to be a big brother early this coming spring... that's right... we are nine weeks pregnant... due at the beginning of March 2008.

Sunday, July 8, 2007

Shuswap 2007

Well we spent just over a week at Shuswap this year... arriving back home Friday evening. The weather was the nicest I've had there but there were more mosquito's then usual. David did really well though his wet suit was a little too big so he kept falling over... very cute!

Can't believe our baby is a year old. He drinks 2 bottles a day, one when he wakes up and one before he goes to sleep. He sleeps from 7pm-5am. He walks everywhere and he just got his seventh tooth. He's as happy as always with a little more energy and he is eating a lot of what we eat. Other then that things are as usual. We had a nice vacation but are happy to be home.

Shuswap Lake Birthday

Birthday at Nana and Papa's

Birthday at Grandpa Brent's

White Rock

Here are a few of our pictures from David's first time at the Beach, taken June 20th, 2007. Needless to say he got really dirty and had lots of fun.