Thursday, July 26, 2012

37 weeks- the hardest part

Waiting is the hardest part... and that's saying a lot knowing full well what my body has to accomplish to bring this Baby into the world.
We are 37 weeks today (which is considered full term). Summer could arrive at any moment or she could decide to take her sweet time. My body is definitely showing signs that it is preparing for labour to start but the varying range for  when those first true contractions will occur can be anywhere from hours to weeks.
This morning the minutes are passing by slowly. We have not been getting out of the house much because at this point it just requires too much effort (and way too many bathroom breaks).  As a result the kids and I all seem to have a bit of "cabin fever."
We are "ready" for the most part in the sense that our bags are packed and the car seat is installed. As always there is still lots to do. It would be ideal to be on top of the house work and there are several projects I would like to complete before I bring Summer home... I guess I just need to focus on those and keep my mind off the when and the how.
If we take a picture in the next few days we will add it to this post.

Thursday, July 19, 2012

What's new...

 This is an all in one update with our newest family picture. It's a special family picture because we are all together with the white rose bush planted in Noah's memory at Grammy and Grandpa's house. It's also my latest pregnancy shot... taken just shy of 36 weeks.
Today we reach the 36 week point and Baby Summer is nearly 6 pounds, 18 1/2 inches tall. She is ready to be born though she will thrive a bit better if she stays in my womb for a few more weeks. I am comfortable for the most part, seeing my massage therapist weekly at this point which really helps. My only "complaint" at the moment is that I am quite tired but I haven't been very good about keeping an early bed time so I think it has more to do with that then our pregnancy. Once I am in bed I have been sleeping well.
As far as an update for the kids David is almost 50 lbs now, Angeline has made her way to 30 lbs and Samara is 21 lbs. David is looking forward to starting school again in September. Angeline is anxious to learn to write more letters and to do everything else her big brother does as well. Samara is talking more all the time. We are planning to buy a bunk bed for D & A on Monday and move them back into the same room. Samara has been sleeping well in her crib at night and it has gotten much easier to put her to bed.
Our outfits came from Auntie Lauren and Uncle Brent... Summer Olympics clothes from England.

Friday, July 13, 2012

Who dun it?

(Needless to say the Iron didn't survive the experiment)

Jonathan - my money's on Angeline... some Angel ;)

Vacation Bible School

This past week David has been spending his mornings at Vacation Bible School (VBS). The girls enjoyed going to pick him up today, and participating in the singing. I LOVE the picture of Samara with her hand in the air. Wish I had a video of Angeline dancing too. Thank you to the many volunteers and also to Carolyne for driving David everyday. He had an amazing week and will spend the next few weeks leading VBS sessions for all of us. The coffee table turns into a stage (and as you can see from the second photo he has no fear of stages) and the Sky VBS CD will get played continually on the CD player... he will also continue to wear his VBS shirt everyday... I am going to have to wash it when he is sleeping. HE hasn't lined up his teddies for a sermon yet but it wouldn't surprise me! This is David's 3rd year in VBS and next year Angeline gets to go too... she is so excited!

Thursday, July 12, 2012

Fun Morning at the Park

This morning we had a girls day at the park. I HAD to get some pictures of Angeline and Samara in their matching swimsuits. They didn't get too wet but they had fun splashing. Love the water park and the toddler park at Ryall... will have to go more often! After seeing the pictures David said he would like to go too... he is having a fun week at VBS.

Monday, July 2, 2012

Saying fair well to Shuswap...

 4 generations of first born Neufeld men enjoying a bike ride along the Adams River

Yesterday we came home from our last week at Shuswap. Shuswap has been a summer vacation spot for Jonathan since he was a little boy. I have known Shuswap for the last 8 summers. David has spent every Birthday at Shuswap and thinks of it as another home. Needless to say we are sad to say good bye but we are happy to have so many fun memories there. I'm sure we will all love Tad Lake just as much or maybe even more as the years go by and we make new memories.
One of the special things about Shuswap is just being all together with Jonathan's family. This year we were there with his parents, brother and both sets of grandparents. The kids enjoy all the extra attention, games, food, and fun time spent in the outdoors. Thanks everyone for all the time you spent helping with the kids and making yummy meals.
Good bye Shuswap

David's 6th Birthday at Shuswap

& Cake!

While we were at Shuswap we were able to celebrate David's 6th Birthday with Jonathan's family. David was spoiled with lots of presents and had a great time celebrating.