Monday, November 23, 2009

Sunday, November 22, 2009

Sweet Pea is 8 months old!

November 14th was Angeline's 8 month birthday. At 8 months she weighs 14 lbs 14 oz. She is doing well. She can go from sitting to crawling on her own and she waves to us lots. Her wave has come to mean "hi", "bye" or "night-night." I have some pictures of her in a Sweet Pea costume to post along with some other 8 month pics but Jonathan took them off the camera not realizing that I was wanting to blog them (even though I told him this morning!) so I will add them next time... maybe tomorrow.
We just took some family pictures today to send out with our Christmas cards and we got some good ones of us all looking at the camera. The kids are not smiling but it was quite the accomplishment just to get us all looking. (Thank you Jake and Aaron!)
David is talking even more, it seems to have really picked up this last month. He is always saying "pretty cool, huh?"
The renovations continue in our basement. We hope to have the carpet in by December 7th so we are working hard to get everything done that needs to be done before then.... more framing, drywalling, and PAINTING! Plus a little bit of floor leveling... plus Jonathan is on a stretch right now of working 8 days in a row (we are on day 4).
Lots to do before Christmas... definitely a little overwhelmed right now but all is good.

Sunday, November 8, 2009

1st Skate & 1st Tooth

We are at Grandpa and Grammy's today... attending a remembrance ceremony this afternoon for Noah and the many other babies and children who have died. I just wanted to share some pictures of the kids. Grandpa got David a hockey helmet so that he can take him skating tomorrow and Angeline got her first tooth (bottom right) finally on Friday.

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

October 31st

Here are some pictures from our Halloween Day. My mom arrived on Saturday and we took David and Angeline to Bear Creek Park for some festivities. David enjoyed the train ride even though it was a bit scarry. He also made a punkin hat and played on the playground in his dragon costume.
Shortly after 5:30pm wet set out for some tricker treeting. David was tired but when we would ask him if he wanted to go home or if he wanted more candy he would always say "more candy!" He did really well and Jonathan and I get to eat all his peanuty treats so we are happy about that.