Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Stand Up for Rebekah - 8 1/2 months

Yesterday Rebekah stood up all by herself. This is her second attempt caught on video. She is very proud of her new accomplishment and likes to practice. I am trying to keep her downstairs as much as possible where the carpet makes for a softer landing. Lots of new things happening in her 8th month, she recently transitioned from army crawling to hands and knees "proper" baby crawling. Her first tooth also broke through on April 3rd. She had a really hard time with it so I hope the others don't cause her so much discomfort or it could be a very difficult next few months.

We have been enjoying lots of time outside. Rebekah loves the grass. She doesn't mind crawling on it and she would even like to eat it if Mommy would let her.

Had to share this cuddle between David and Angeline that I caught... also this picture of Samara with her wind mill.