Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Canuck Place 15 Year Anniversary & Family Party

Sunday we all went to the annual Canuck Place family BBQ which was also celebrating their 15 year anniversary. We had a great Family day at Vandusen Gardens. Angeline's highlight was the bubble machine... she would migrate to it whenever we put her down saying "bubbles...bubbles!" David's favorite was probably meeting Fin and high fiving the Superman Smart Bread Sandwich guy (large piece of bread walking around in red boots and a cape). Jonathan's highlight was probably the photo booth and the walk around the gardens. I enjoyed just being out the 4 of us. It really was an amazing day with lots of smiles and a few tears as well. As a young girl sang on stage in her wheel chair I couldn't help but be sad that I wasn't able to continue to witness Noah's accomplishments. Still I am very thankful for the role Canuck Place has played in Noah's life and continues to play in ours.
I've mentioned before that my mom and Jonathan's dad will be participating in the Adventure Challenge on September 11th to help raise money for this wonderful organization if anyone feels led to make a donation there is a link on the Canuck Place website for the Adventure Challenge.

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Saturday, August 14, 2010


Just thought I would write a quick post capturing the kids creativity. David made this Lego "town" all by himself. He also took a picture of himself which I thought was really cute. And Angeline just loves to do anything to mimic her big brother. She will sit and draw much longer then he did when he was 17 months (might be a girl thing too).

Today has been a bit of a challenge for me. I have been teaching David about "privileges." No TV, Gum, Dessert, or Computer if he doesn't co-operate. All I want him to do is help me pick up a few toys in the living room but it is proving to be a long day. Yesterday Angeline and I ate freezies in front of him because he wouldn't touch his lunch. I mad home made macaroni and cheese and he told me it was "bad." There are lots of cute things he does too like before going to bed he tells me "Mommy, I want to give you my kiss." He also has very cute bed time prayers.

Anyway, meeting Jonathan at the mall later to see if we can get a Queen size mattress and bed. We have officially run out of room in our Double. Starting to plan renovations to turn our basement laundry room into a second bathroom. We were talking about moving our bed room downstairs before baby is born but for now we will just focus on the bathroom and not try to get too far ahead of ourselves... I am getting a bit STRESSED!

Hope everyone is enjoying their summer... looks like September is almost here!

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

19 Week Ultrasound

Had our 19 week ultrasound today... we are actually 20 weeks on Thursday. Everything went well. Baby is healthy. The technician asked us if we wanted to find out the gender before we started and we painfully said NO! We do want to know of course but we just can't let go of that anticipated moment at birth when the announcement is made. We got 4 nice pictures of Sugar Plum... these two were our favorites. Got to see baby moving lots. I have not been feeling Baby move much because the placenta is currently at the front... different then any of my other pregnancies.
I am feeling very relieved that everything looks great and happy that we are half way through this pregnancy. Now I am just counting down until we get to meet the newest addition to our family. I can't wait!