Wednesday, November 16, 2011

11 months

Last week Samara began month 11 and we have since been counting down the days until her first birthday. This year has gone by fast indeed and with kitchen renovations coming to a close and Christmas just around the corner the rest of 2011 is sure to go by in a blink. I had to take a few minutes to post a few pictures of my littlest Sweetheart (sorry for the red eye) because she has just changed so much lately. We have been in a bit of a battle lately trying to wean her but she did take a bottle last night after refusing it the night before. It is slow going and I am okay with that... just trying to keep us moving forward. Not sure if we will see some independent steps before her birthday but she is just loving pushing things around the house and walking around that way. She HAS to keep up with her brother and sister... including during school time. Angeline was colouring while David was working on his Math and I had to get a picture and crayon for Samara as well. You can't see them very well in the last 2 pictures but she is wearing her skinny jeans and they are SOOOOO CUTE!

Thursday, November 3, 2011


Last week we continued working on our alphabet and phonics with letter "G." For Math we continued working on learning Place Values for Units and Tens.

This week we had a lot of fun with dress up. It also worked out that this weeks letter was "H" for Halloween! We moved on to Unit 10 for Math continuing with Place Values. This week we added Hundreds. David is counting to 100 and can recognize, write and say all the numbers from 1-100 and beyond! Besides carving pumpkins we also measured David's pumpkin (his idea). It was 14.2 lbs, 36 inches around and 15 inches tall (to top of stem). David also memorized our address and it working on spelling his last name.

Now that November is here we are starting to work on some Christmas songs and a Christmas poem for our church's pageant. David also has a small line to memorize as wise man #2. We also made it back to Bible Study this week and are continuing in the book of Acts.

It has been a busy week.