Saturday, March 16, 2013

7 1/2 months


Four & Thirty

We had a wonderful time on Sunday celebrating March Birthdays. March is really a whole month of Birthdays in our family. Angeline had a little tea party at the beginning of the month to celebrate with a few of her girlfriends. Sunday was a celebration with Jonathan's side (Happy Birthday Grandpa Rob too). Monday we went to Granville Island and went out to dinner (I also had a chance to spend a few hours shopping on my own). Thursday Angeline had her shopping spree (never seen a 4 year old who loves to shop so much... she would honestly go all day if she could). With my Dad & Grandma's Birthday still to come we will likely do some more celebrating when we go to the Island. We also celebrated Aunty Lauren's Birthday and are counting down until her visit this summer.
I got a very special gift from my kids this year... the apron with flowers and butterfly are David, Angeline & Samara's hands and Rebekah's feet. Grammy organized it and the kids kept it a secret, very touching! I was really spoiled this year and am feeling really blessed. Thank you to my family and friends.

Saturday, March 2, 2013

Rebekah, 7 months





Another month has come and gone and Rebekah is now 7 months old. I didn't get many pictures of her this last month so today with the older three kids gone to Grammy & Grandpa's it was time for another photo shoot. I was really happy with this one. I actually had over 20 favourites but I narrowed it down to these select 4.

In the last month Rebekah has tried quite a few new foods. Bits of bread, pancakes and waffles. Bananas, potatoes, rice, peas and beans as well as Oma's barley soup. She decided she does like rice cereal after all, arrowroots and cherios too.
When she is not working on developing her taste buds she likes to focus on getting around more efficiantly. Her wiggle is now a proper army crawl and she is getting faster and stronger every day.
She LOVES to laugh and Angeline is the most likely to "get her going."
She gives kisses and blows raspberries... such a fun stage! (This partly makes up for the fact that she has not been sleeping very well).