Monday, February 9, 2015

Joshua 3 months

Joshua is now 3 months old which means he is 1/4 of the way to his 1st Birthday! I took him to the health unit on his 3 month birthday so see how much weight he has gained since last month. He is now 14 lbs 14 oz! What can I say about our little man? He is no longer taking a bottle and is not fond of his soother either. He seems to have quite the temper at times, though he is most often easy going (gets this from Daddy?). He has started giggling, especially if we tickle him. He LOVES to talk and be talked to. He sleeps well at night for the most part (yay), but he hasn't really settled into a day time nap routine.
He is wearing size 3-6month and 6 month clothing and since we recently finished a pack of size 2 diapers we went right to size 3's since he grows fast and I am worried we wouldn't make it through another pack of size 2's. Hope you enjoy the pics and quick update.